35+ Awesome Rustic Bathroom Design And Decorating Ideas

Rustic bathrooms are designed to use natural materials such as wood, stone, and concrete. They are also a popular choice for those who want an earthy feel to their bathroom with fewer frills. The natural feeling of a rustic bathroom makes it very popular, and the materials used are often easy to find locally. Many people choose earth-toned colors for their bathrooms, rather than bright white or stark black.

Rustic bathrooms typically include a lot of wood, with some bathrooms being almost entirely made from wood, instead of tile or stone. There is often an exposed wooden ceiling and floor structure as well as wooden support beams that reach into the room from the walls. The walls may be made of stone or brick, and there is usually a lot of open space.

Below are some ideas for your inspiration.

Modern Twist Rustic Bathroom

Modern Twist Rustic Bathroom

A rustic styled bathroom with modern wood framed mirror, farm lighting fixtures, and wooden slab countertop. The blue vanity is beautifully crafted and will complement the rustic feel of the bathroom.

Rustic Bathroom Corrugated Ceiling

Rustic Bathroom Corrugated Ceiling

A rustic bathroom has a weathered metal ceiling because the paint on the metal has flakes and peels off. The white bathtub and medicine cabinet also have the same taste as they are both completely white. The walls are made of vintage brick and there is wood flooring throughout the room.

Use Natural Wood

Rustic bathroom ideas Use Natural Wood

Rustic bathroom with a traditional wooden beadboard and metal towel hangers. Two towels hang easily off the metal hanger that hangs from the wall in this rustic bathroom. The beadboard is painted in a natural, rich shade of wood that will fit in with any decor.

Vintage Shower with Classy Curtain

rustic bathroom ideas Vintage Shower with Classy Curtain

A rustic bathroom is perfect for a cabin in the woods or your own home. The vintage shower curtain adds an old-fashioned touch to this room decoration. This dainty bathtub makes you feel like royalty when you take a bath. Reclaimed wooden at top of the curtain add a unique rustic accent combination.

Wooden Ladder Shelf

rustic bathroom ideas Wooden Ladder Shelf

Wood naturally gives off heat, so it’s the perfect place to go if you’re feeling cold or need to get warm. It has a wooden ladder shelf that you can decorate with a scented candle for an extra special touch. This is also a perfect place to decorate with decorative jars. The rustic bathroom not only offers a comfortable and calming environment but also complements your home’s rustic charm.

Mason Jar as Light Cover

rustic bathroom Mason Jar as Light Cover

This bathroom has a beautiful design that is perfect for any home. Vintage mason jar lighting fixtures, an antique framed mirror and vintage flower vases all help make the bathroom seem rustic. This makes it more cool and unique!

Galvanized Bathroom Storage

rustic bathrooms Galvanized Bathroom Storage

This rustic galvanized storage will look fabulous in any bathroom! Feel with distressed accents and galvanized hardware that evokes the comforting charm of the country. These versatile storage pieces can make your bathroom more rustic

Sliding Barn Door

rustic bathroom ideas Sliding Barn Door

Cabin rustic-style bathroom with vintage sliding barn door, and stone sink, also wooden cabinet. The cabin-style bathroom has a vintage wooden sliding barn door This is a natural-looking wooden door. It has a metal vintage handle and metal hinges.

There is also a rusted iron knob at the top of the door, which can open and close the door. Beneath the barn door is a stone pedestal sink that has been hand-finished to create the desired old-world look. In addition, there is a vintage-styled wood cabinet on one side of the cabin bathroom that provides ample storage space for towels, toilet paper, etc.

Rugged Wooden Boards

rustic bathroom ideas Rugged Wooden Boards

Untamed beauty and rustic charm await you in this space. With its natural, organic tones, this bathroom is a place to relax and rejuvenate. The woods are solid and the details are robust- from the rough wood mirror to the tin organizer, which houses sprigs of fresh herbs ready for dipping into your bathwater. Take refuge in this private refuge with its ample storage and enjoy this small space with all its convenience.

Architectural features

Rustic Bathroom all white

This bathroom is a great example of a rustic design. The bathroom is spacious and the white painted wooden floorboards provide a cool, laid-back look. The walls are made of white stone and the beams are exposed, which provides a natural element to the room. This bathroom is perfect for someone who wants to have an authentic style but likes a modern vibe.

Modern Rustic Twist

rustic bathroom mirrors Modern Rustic Twist

This durable bathroom vanity will enhance your rustic, cozy or farmhouse-style space. The natural wood in the vanity and accessories is a strong design accent to any décor style. It also features a sleek metal mirror and metal corrugated box vases.

Vintage Mirror

rustic bathroom Vintage Mirrors

This bathroom has a rustic, vintage feel with a black and white standing soaking tub. The free-standing bathtub is paired with an ornate, mosaic-tiled. The wall behind the tub features antique mirrors that reflect light into the room adding to your overall décor.

Outfit this space for maximum efficiency created by using our extra-wide mirror framing systems which allows you to remove everything from under the eaves.

Rustic Wooden Vanity

Rustic Wooden Vanity

If you’re going for style and simplicity, this bathroom collection is perfect for you. The Natural Wood Vanity paired with a modern white sink will bring that rustic feel into your home. For those wanting something more elegant, we offer an elegant wood vanity and matching mirror.

Use Exposed Brick

rustic bathroom Use Exposed Brick

When designing with an exposed brick wall, you can keep it simple with a metal corrugated hanging storage. Whitewashed wooden windows decorating completed the rustic look of this bathroom.

Rustic Wooden Shelves

rustic bathroom Rustic Wooden Shelves

What better way to store your old cotton swabs and toilet paper than by hanging them on these rustic bathroom shelves. They are made with a rustic finished wooden frame and hang on a white braided rope with a metal hook.

Rustic Wooden Mirror Frame

rustic bathroom Rustic Wooden Mirror Frame

This rustic bathroom is a great addition to any home. The white painted brick gives it a modern touch. Built with a sturdy wooden frame, this mirror shelf combo will complete the beauty of rustic design

Massive Wood Paneling and Cute Tiles

Rustic Bathroom Design Ideas with Beautiful Wood, Lighting, Shower, and Tiles

Rustic is characterized by the absence of anything that is polished and elegant. It can be seen in nature or in a rustic bathroom design. The rustic bathroom pictured below has a wooden ceiling and walls, as well as contemporary tiles. The vintage wooden cabinet shown above adds elegance to the design.

Rough Stone Wall

rustic country bathroom Rough Stone Wall

This rustic bathroom is a great way to add personality and quickly update the look of any bathroom! With its classic, shabby chic design, this set includes a large wooden vanity with a sink and stone wall backdrop. The vintage-looking mirror enhances the old-world charm of this set while still providing functionality. This set would be perfect for a cabin or log house.

Natural Stone Sink

rustic bathroom Natural Stone Sink

This bathroom is great for anyone looking for a traditional yet rustic style. The limestone sink with its beautifully rough edges and the artfully distressed brick wall will add character to any room. This project also includes an unfinished wood vanity, that will boost a natural feel inside.

White-washed Wooden Rustic Bathroom

White washed Wooden Rustic Bathroom

This bathroom features a vintage vanity with a whitewashed painted and stone sink and an antique vanity light-bulb. Turn on the lights and enjoy the old-fashioned charm they provide to your room.

Walk-in Bathroom with Sliding Door

rustic en suite Walk in Bathroom with Sliding Door

This rustic bathroom features a wooden sliding door with a metal roller hinge, as well as an oversize mirror. The room is furnished with a light-colored wooden vanity with a white marble top. The accent wall with its stone finish adds a strong personality to the room.

Luxury Rustic Cabin Bathroom

amazing Luxury Rustic Cabin Bathroom

Imagine a place of tranquility and serenity, an oasis among the bustle of everyday life. In anticipation of a day’s relaxation in your large, luxury bathroom. The oversized marble vanity is for creating a chic look with its clean lines and timeless style.

The glass fireplace offers a cozy atmosphere for when you need to relax. The mosaic stone wall provides a beautiful backdrop. And the luxury vintage chandelier will provide an elegant touch of elegance to your room’s decor.

There is nothing more refreshing than an invigorating shower and relaxing bath. Let the rustic elegance of this spacious retreat refresh your senses as you unwind on the beautiful standing bathtub.

Wooden Cabin

rustic Wooden Cabin bathroom

You’ll enjoy the outdoors and a sense of peace when you take a bath in this rustic cabin walk-in bathroom with a luxury standing bathtub. This bathroom will make you feel like you are in the woods because it includes dark colors, pine furniture, and wood floors. The luxury standing bathtub is on the right side of the room and against a window so that you can see outside while bathing. The square tub is made of white marble and features a handheld showerhead for maximum comfort. The room also has an antique lamp to add to the ambiance of the room.

Calm Neutral Tones

rustic Calm Neutral Tones bathroom

Rustic bathrooms are ideal for those who want a more natural, unique touch. Rustic design is all about using natural materials: beige and sandstone tile, rough-hewn wood with brute nails in sheer walls and thin metal. It can be rustically plain or gorgeously intricate as well as reserved or vibrant so any homeowner’s tastes will find something they like to inspire them creatively.

Rustic ceiling

Rustic ceiling Bathroom

This eclectic bathroom features rustic wooden log ceiling beams, a concrete bathtub, and rattan accessories. This bathroom makes it perfect for people who are looking to get away from the stress of everyday life. Space also offers a great way to help you relax before bedtime with its soothing colors and airy feel.

Large Wooden Vanity

Large Wooden Vanity rustic bathroom

Large furniture pieces made from reclaimed or distressed wood with a strong, homely appeal make for beautiful additions to your bedroom. In this rustic bathroom, a simple white sink contrasts beautifully against the rough wood of three slab sections. The vanity’s frame is a unique touch that adds interest to the mirror.

Wooden Barrel Sink

rustic bathroom with Wooden Barrel Sink and cool mirror frame

The reclaimed wine barrel sink might be a talking point for years to come as guests visit your home, and the simple wood frames gives off a nostalgic feel to this rustic looking bathroom.

Wooden Stool

rustic bathroom with Wooden Stool

A wooden bench or stool can be a beautiful addition to any rustic bathroom design. They are aesthetically pleasing and provide extra storage space while still being cozy.

Rustic shower log

Rustic bathroom with shower log

For a more rustic alternative, use a log as an instant shower stool. Marine-grade varnish will protect the wood whilst retaining its original charm.

Rustic Industrial

Rustic bathroom with Industrial style

A rustic bathroom would be very minimalistic with raw concrete vanities and a metal finish faucet. The walls may be made of exposed cinder blocks.

Whitewashed timber wall

rustic bathroom with whitewashed timber walls

The whitewashed timber walls, natural light, and black metal mirrors give this bathroom a cozy and modern feel. Warm-toned tapware adds sophistication to the space.

Large Ornate Door

Rustic bathroom with Large Ornate Door

This penthouse apartment features a beautiful bathroom that has been carved out of an area. The rustic touch is created by the ornate wooden door with its cast-iron rivets and handles, as well as wood patterned stone tiles.

Vintage ladder

white rustic bathroom with Vintage ladder

To save space and highlight an old ladder, the bottom two rungs were removed and it was installed as a towel rack. The rustic character of this modern bathroom is immediately seen with the addition of just these few basic wooden elements.

Wicker Baskets

rustic bathroom with wicker hessian baskets

This chic and inviting rustic bathroom features an elegant vintage metal sink, herringbone brick as flooring, also wicker baskets. The weathered wood window are accented with a neutral brown color to create a classy look. This rustic bathroom is styled to be different than most bathrooms you’ll find near the beach but close enough for those who enjoy coastal decorating styles and want something that’s cozy and charming.

Mirror made of branches

rustic bathroom with Mirror made of branches

A rustic touch for the bathroom can be achieved by adding a rustic wood frame. Consider these unique frames that are made from twigs and branches?

Metal barrel tub

rustic bathroom with Metal barrel tub

All the materials used for this bathroom were authentic and earthy looking- the perfect combination for an outdoor escape. Start with the tub, which is made from solid steel that has been expertly aged to give it the perfect vintage look. The space around the bath is all open because that allows fresh air to circulate inside the bathroom and make it feel like you’re outside.

Rustic outdoor bath

Rustic outdoor bath with tin bathtub

This rustic bathroom is not your ordinary spa! Featuring a deep, vintage tin bath and rainfall shower, a white stained timber screening wall beside a whitewashed one, and white stone pebbles on the floor – this space blends designer elements with natural design for an amazing water-related experience.

Old Wood Barrel tub

rustic bathroom with Old Wood Barrel tub

A rustic yet modern bathroom design is where you’re able to find a wood barrel bathtub, tree branch as robe hanger and wall mirror on one side of the wall. The other side of the wall has a set of drawers with a rustic shelf with linen pieces. The sink is also in this section, it’s located next to a window.

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