A Blue Siding House Can Be A Blue Gem

A Blue Siding House Can Be A Blue Gem

A Blue Siding House Can Be A Blue GemSource

A blue siding house is a visual object which generally reminds us the colour of the sky and ocean. The house is usually on ground, but the colour is indeed stranger to the landscape. It has the colour of the sky on a clear day or ocean.

The colour is alien to the landscape but in a positive way: it is like a blue gem. So a blue siding house is a chromatic gem in the landscape. It is a beauty for eyes and camera shutters. On the internet, photos of amazing blue houses are tons. And indeed they are beautiful to look at. We take a lot of pleasure when seeing it.

The blue colour is already beautiful. When we recently extracted a blue lapis lazuli from a mine, it was already beautiful. But when we have cut and polished it, and installed it on a ring, bracelet, or crown, it’s stealing the gaze. We enhance the beauty of the lapis lazuli by contrasting it with less beautiful materials. So is the case of the blue colour of a house siding.

A search from the internet about blue house siding leads us to find articles. It’s try to say that such a house is nice but in one or another way, in length or shortly. We can hardly find treatises of technical aspects of the house. Because there is no difference between a blue siding house and a house with other colour siding but their colour. And painting a siding blue or other colours requires the same technique: only the paints differ.

On the internet, people do not talk much about blue siding houses. Most information about them is in the form of photos. You simply need to look at it, and generally those photos inspire us with beauty, so that further verbal information becomes not necessary.
But here, we try to have longer talks on a number of photos of blue siding houses.

A Dark Blue Siding House

A Dark Blue Siding HouseSource

The house looks great in the photo. The combination of its siding, roof and trim is flawless. The green grass yard and pines background are amazing. Under this photo a positive comment says, The color combination between dark blue and white trim is enough to attract attention. If you want to attract even more eyes’ gaze, expand the white area in the window frame. The house will look like a blue sky with clouds.

In order not to look strange because it is in contact with the ground, the exterior of the lower house can be colored in dark-neutral colors. Take gray, for example. It seems that we perceive the same beauty impression than that which the comment found.

Why is such a house in the photo beautiful? The question is rather the one which demands a deep research on the structure of the human mind, particularly on the mechanism which allows the human mind to decide that a sight is beautiful and another is not. The white and blue combination of the house’s exterior does work.

Awesome Light Blue Siding House

Awesome Light Blue Siding HouseSource

From top to bottom, we have the thin cloud under the deep blue sky which fades into lighter blue hues which have their continuation at the siding of the house. The house looks as it is the part of the sky hanging on a green grass yard between rows of bushes and trees. But the blue colour of the house does not make it a focal accent of the photo frame, because it is almost of the same colour as the hills in its background. A deeper blue will work for it better.

On the internet the comment under this photo says, the house looks great even if we look at it from many perspectives. Yup, looks great from this perspective too.” The photo is another photo of the same house. It thinks that the house “looks great” but “from perspective too”, meaning that in the previous photo it does not look that great.

Indeed this photo is more or less plain, we simply cannot say that the house is the jewel of the scene. It is pale, as pale as the sky above. The tree and shrubs before it simply clutter our view of the house. The comment of this photo complains, One can argue between gray and blue. The two colors are the main elements that stick together. But there is no need to worry because the ambiguity of the bluish gray color is what makes the house so attractive.

Awesome Navy Blue House Siding

Awesome Navy Blue House SidingSource

This is how blue navy colour looks like at the siding. With white trim, the siding goes very well. But the house does not look good. It looks like three houses which are crammed together. The center house fails to be the focus although it is geometrically at the center.

The house above is with navy blue siding as well. But it looks good. The structure of the house is well designed, and the combination of the siding and trim accentuates its solid visual structure. One posts a comment that reads, with the many variations of blue applied to the shingle, it will give a unique effect that affects the shadows. So, bright white trim that is useful as an addition to contrast lines, including colors that make the house appear eccentric. The comment sees the house as an entity that may produce a statement with the combination of the siding and the trim. The statement is another expression for saying that the house looks very distinctly as a house visually. The bold white trim looks like the bold font on the typing page.

Blue siding house with white trim

Almost all houses with blue siding has their white trim. It looks that the combination is less likely to differ. We simply cannot answer why white goes perfectly as trim with blue siding. House exterior designers have also no business to answer such a question. But they know in absolute way that the combination is perfect: the white trim accentuates the visual structure of the house. If we paint all parts of the house’s exterior blue, the house will look un-distinct with the sky: such a colour strategy might go perfect with a fighter jet, which requires invisibility in the eyes of their opponents.

In the case of a blue siding house, we need that the house is as visible as possible to any eyes. The statement is that this is a house indeed. We do not need to make our house blend into its surrounding like having a camouflage system in its exterior colouring.

The white trim can go with all spectrums of blue. On the internet we find at least six different blue hues combined with white trim.

1. Light blue with white trim can go like the home below. The combination still has a certain power of accentuating the visual presence of your house, but does not make it too vivid or overwhelming.

Awesome Pacific Blue Siding House

Awesome Pacific Blue Siding HouseSource

This is a beautiful house with pacific blue siding. On the internet the photo is with a comment, Certain Teed offers a wide variety of product lines. In addition to the red color that catches the eye, there is also Pacific Blue which tends to be easily combined with other colors. Even if the other color is red. We can get a variety of color accents so that the house looks more varied. No need to worry about quality because Pacific Blue also has the strength of durability as other Certain Teed products.

We can say that the comment is trying to convince us that CertainTeed has products that will work for our reluctance against “an entirely red exterior”. It says that the house has the beachy blue hue, and the colour of the siding is pacific blue. So the house has a pacific blue siding. It is a pacific blue siding house. And the pacific blue colour makes the house beautiful with its white trims and a red door. But it seems that the photo shows a beauty which results from a fine combination of the pacific blue siding house and its green environment: the house becomes the jewel of its environment.

What else can we say about this beauty.

Blue Siding Combined With White Trim

Blue Siding Combined With White TrimSource

Red and blue, usually, are contrasting colors colliding. One part they are opposite angles, but from a different perspective can be a cool combination with the presence of black. Black actually has the ability to absorb other colors and create a deep impression. In contrast to white, which serves to blend other colors around it.

4. Coastal blue on a wide horizontal lap siding makes the colour really shine. Combined with the bright white trim, coastal blue makes a statement which is bright and cheerful.

Blue Siding House With White Trim

Blue Siding House With White TrimSource

If we see, the presence of a light blue house with white trim is inconspicuous. She is very pleasing to the eye and carries a vintage impression. Even so, the vintage impression does not only come from the color but also from the architecture of the house. The right combination between the two will present a vintage-style house and a simple atmosphere.

2. Dark blue and bright white will make the house look classic. The trim and porch is sharply eminent to eyes against the siding. The combination gives a crisp and clean look to the house.

Blue Vinyl Siding House

Blue Vinyl Siding HouseSource

From the internet we find information that vinyl layer is the outer layer of protection for homes and other residential buildings. The advantage is that it is the easiest to use for decoration and withstands weather changes. Additionally, vinyl makes a great imitation of wood appearance on a wide variety of materials, especially aluminum and fiber cement. Vinyl itself, processed from polyvinyl chloride resin or abbreviated as PVC.

Blue vinyl siding is such a siding which one paints blue. And manufacturers have provided blue vinyl siding, namely they have painted the siding, so that you do not need to paint the siding.
In the internet there are tons of photos of vinyl blue siding houses. They look awesome in those photos. And we simply cannot say if the siding is vinyl or not, but we’re sure it is blue. Looking at the photos, the question if the siding is from vinyl or wood is less likely to come up: the impression of the beauty of the blue siding simply overwhelmed.

Blur Or Gray Siding Looks More Serious And Somber

Blur Or Gray Siding Looks More Serious And SomberSource

Now, we come to the end of the article. And the last option that is present is blur / gray siding looks. This is the best color combination if you want to have a house with a look that blends in with your surroundings. Mainly because of the blur / gray accent that seems like an extension of the soil and rocks, but with a horizontal arrangement.

Coastal Blue On A Wide Horizontal Lap Siding

Coastal Blue On A Wide Horizontal Lap SidingSource

Do you like the beach? The waves were rolling and the sun was shining brightly against the light blue sky. Moreover, it is added to the meeting between sand and sea water which is mediated by coral rocks. Hey, why not bring these nuances to your residence? Coastal blue on a white horizontal lap will certainly be the answer to your desire to present a “beach” impression at home.

5. Rich blue colour looks outstanding on the many shingles. The shingles’ shadow produces a unique pattern. The contrasting line is provided by the bright white trim.

Dark Bright White Will Make The House Look Classic

Dark Bright White Will Make The House Look ClassicSource

The advantage of dark colors is their ability to exude a shady impression. That is the main goal to present a house with dark blue and white trim colors. Usually a house with a color like this is suitable to be combined with a wide roof like the photo above. The front porch can also be a home attraction and a comfortable place to spend the afternoon.

3. Blue siding combined with white trim, red accents and black shutters produces interest and depth for the house.

Rich Blue Colour Looks Outstanding

Rich Blue Colour Looks OutstandingSource

Do not think that blue is only suitable for the walls. How about exploring its ability to present other nuances when applied in different places? The roof is an interesting option to try because it has a large surface area.

Shingles will show a different style. Apart from being shady, it also creates an impression of “unchanging” even though it is seen from several different points of view. Thanks to the rich blue color which seems to absorb light.

6. Blur/gray siding looks more serious and somber, and various accents can be added.

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