Farmhouse Living Room Ideas You Need To Consider

Farmhouse style can be a great option for those who love the feeling of living in a home that looks like it was built in the early 1900’s. This type of design is characterized by large, open spaces and lots of natural light. It also typically features exposed beams on the ceilings and walls instead of drywall. The overall effect is one that feels both rustic yet modern at the same time.

Farmhouse living rooms are generally spacious with high ceilings, which provides plenty of room to move about comfortably without bumping into anything or anyone else as you go about your day. They often have large windows overlooking beautiful landscapes outside or interesting views from inside if they happen to be near an exterior wall.

White Wooden Shiplap

Cottage Farmhouse Living Room With White Shiplaps Wooden Wall
This living room is designed to give off the feeling of a classic farmhouse with its shiplap walls and dark wooden floor. But don’t be fooled by appearances because this space is anything but rustic on the inside! The cottage-style, elegant marble fireplace adds warmth to this space, while large windows let in natural light inside. This living room also includes a gorgeous chic carpet that will keep your feet warm and cozy during those cold winter nights.

Antique Old Chandelier

Farmhouse Living Room With Unique Antique Chandelier
This living room includes an original antique chandelier that was found at a local store and refurbished by a local artisan to look brand new again. The shiplap walls give this living room the rustic farmhouse feel.

Keep it simple and clean

Modern Farmhouse Living Simple Clean

One of the simplest and most popular farmhouse styles is the modern farmhouse. This design style is characterized by few features, a clean look and plenty of natural light.

This living room features all of these design features in order to create a space that looks classic yet modern at the same time. The clean, simple lines of this living room are offset by its clear white ceilings and large windows.

The dark glossy wooden floor brings an earthy feel to this space while the white curtains and window treatments offer a sense of lightness.

The grey carpet gives this living room a trendy yet cozy look that will pair with any furniture you choose to place inside it. A few statement pieces such as rattan baskets and vases

Reclaimed wooden ceiling and beams

Rustic Farmhouse Living Room With Rustic Wooden Ceiling And Large Windows
Designed for the modern-day pioneer, this living room epitomizes rustic farmhouse style. The large window and the stone fireplace found on one wall are a nod to the traditional living rooms of yesterday. The reclaimed ceiling beams lend a yearning quality with their antique appearance. The vintage weathered-wood table is perfect for all of those unforgettable gathering you can’t wait to have in this amazing space.

Hanging Wreath and comfy chair

Neutral Farmhouse Decorate With Hanging Wreath And Lavender Flower
This living room is a great choice for those looking for some farmhouse style. The look and feel of this room are neutral, making it the perfect backdrop to place your favorite accents. This room includes a white-brown fabric sofa with throw pillows and a comfortable knitted weighted blanket. This will make you want to snuggle up with a good book or curl up next to your loved ones.

A floral hanging wreath gives this space an elegant and holiday touch. The rattan basket includes beautiful lavender flowers that can be placed all around the couch for floral decorations. Feel free to grab a seat in one of the comfortable chairs and enjoy the time.

All Wooden Ceiling, Floor, and Wall

Farmhouse Living Room With All Wooden Floor Ceiling And Wall
Get a taste of the country life in your own home with this farmhouse living room set. The all-wooden ceiling and wall provide an authentic rustic touch, while the two-toned design combines elegance and simplicity. Without sacrificing comfort, this stylish sofa will be perfect for entertaining guests or curling up with a good book when you need peace and quiet. The vintage dining table is distressed to give it an antique-like feel—perfect for complementing fluffy couches and throw pillows! Round out your home decor with metal chairs that are both built to last and easy to move around!

White Washed Wooden Floor

White Farmhouse Living Room With Brown Accent Also Wicker Chandelier
This room provides all of the special items that make a farmhouse feel like home with perfectly white-washed floors. The room is completed with a chic, light-filled style with a large wicker chandelier and basket. Add some home-plant to make it more liveable.

Retro with Antique Old metal Chandelier

Farmhouse Living Room With Antique Metal Chandelier
This Retro Feel Farmhouse Living Room is a perfect place for all your family gatherings. With an old antique metal chandelier hanging in the center of the room, A great place to bring your guests over or a lovely family time together!

High Ceiling and White Wooden Beams

Farmhouse Living High Ceiling With White Painted Wooden Beams And Wooden Floor
This beautiful farmhouse living room has a high ceiling that is covered in white painted wooden beams. These contrast with dark wooden flooring and a red brick fireplace. The vintage table as a centerpiece for the overall design. It provides a perfect cozy spot to cuddle up while reading a book or watching TV. As you walk through the door of this living room, it feels as if you are entering another world where all your worries disappear.

white brick fireplace

Modern Farmhouse Living With Black Metal Fireplace And White Painted Brick Wall
The white brick fireplace is the focal point of the living room. This Modern Farmhouse Living room has a cozy feel and makes you feel like you are home with its floral design. The brass-finished chandelier with a candle-like lamp decorates the ceiling, and a large Christmas tree sits in the corner. Feel free to take a seat on a cozy white fabric couch. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your stay in this beautiful living room!

Minimalist and Clean

Minimalist Farmhouse Living Room Glossy Wooden Floor

The Minimalist farmhouse living room features a modern fireplace, rustic wooden candle holder centerpieces, and a beautiful wooden floor. A traditional yet contemporary approach has been taken in the design of this living room which is perfect for the country vibe home.

Barn feel with wooden wine barrel

Farmhouse Living Room Decor With Wine Barrel

The perfect picture of country living with a modern twist. With the abundance of natural light coming in from the windows, this room is full of character and warmth. The reclaimed wooden wine barrel that has become an end table is awesome. The red brick fireplace with a wooded mantel provides the perfect focal point for cozy evenings when you want to feel at home. A unique patterned armchair completed this cozy farmhouse living room.

Use metal decoration

Farmhouse Living Room With Whitewash Coffee Table And Unique Metal Wheel Decor Also Classic Cabinet
This farmhouse living room is perfect for those who don’t want the look of a traditional living room. Though the look is rustic, it’s not too country with a little bit of modern mixed in. There’s a whitewash coffee table that can be purchased with matching whitewash chairs or you can choose to mix and match each piece to your personal preference. The living room comes with wall decor that ranges from metal wheel decor to classic cabinets to dress up your space!

Large Wooden Beams

Farmhouse Living With Wooden Beam
a Farmhouse Living Room with large wooden beam and metal chandelier, as well an vintage worn out carpet. It is perfect for those who love the look of rustic living quarters.

Sliding Barn Double Door

Modern Farmhouse Living Room With White Wooden Hanging Sliding Door And Holiday Decoration
This modern farmhouse living room is decorated with a white brick fireplace. There are sliding barn doors that separate the dining area from the living room.

Vintage Coffee Table

Farmhouse Living With White Stain Coffee Table And Home Plant

This stunning living room in eclectic farmhouse decor is a quaint and welcoming space for both family and guests. The white stained coffee table with home plants and vintage lantern chandelier give this area an elegant yet open atmosphere.

Space features a cozy love seat that faces the white mantel fireplace with plush pillows perfect for curling up next to your loved one for movie night or reading a book.

Colorful Bohemian Twist

Colorful Farmhouse Living Bohemian Like Decoration
This farmhouse living room will give you an intimate feel because it is composed of simple decoration that compliments its natural and rustic characteristics. It also features a bohemian style as well as colorful furniture to brighten up any room.

All Rustic Furniture

Rustic Farmhouse Living Room With Antique Wall Clock
What’s the perfect country farmhouse living room? One with a dark wood floor and honey oak paneling, the window lightly covered with curtains for privacy. At one end of the room sits a white washed cabinet with an antique wall clock on top.

The other end has a rustic pumpkin centerpiece that’s set in front of L-shaped sofa. Nestled on that are a few oversized throw pillows in varying colors creating an inviting seating area to curl up in. This space is always welcoming and comfortable – perfect for all your fall entertaining needs!

Wicker Rug and Lantern Chandelier

Comfy Farmhouse Living Room With Wicker Rattan Rug And White Cream Curtain

This rustic sprawling farmhouse living room has a modern metal lantern chandelier to complete the chic look.

The white cream curtain and wicker rattan rug add texture and warmth to this cozy family-friendly space while the antique drawer coffee table from the french country collection provides an extra storage boost.

Shabby Chic Fabric

Simple Farmhouse Living Room Checkered Curtain And Wooden Rustic Coffee Table

This rustic living room set is perfect for a farmhouse with its shabby chic checkered curtain and throw pillow. It’s not just a pretty living room set!

The coffee table is also made from reclaimed wood. The detail on the table is amazing, making you feel like you’re in a cabin in the woods. It makes your space feel welcoming and cozy.

Bring outdoor inside

Gorgeous Farmhouse Living Room In Front Porch Enclosure
This is a wonderful living room. There’s a lot of light in this room because it has huge windows and the walls are all made of glass. The furniture in this room is big, comfortable and inviting. You can enjoy your drinks or tea while you study, read or watch TV in this relaxed space. Unique vintage drawer coffee table gives authentic farmhouse style. Completed with wicker rug and wooden floor for natural feel.

Unique Metal Roman Wall Clock Decoration

Farmhouse Living Room With Burlap Rug And Large Metal Roman Wall Clock Decor
This farmhouse living room is the perfect place to snuggle up with your loved ones. It has a brown burlap area rug for sitting and a large metal Roman wall clock decor that will look stunning in any decor.

The farmhouse living room is a popular space for those who want to embrace the feeling of old-world charm while still having access to all the modern conveniences. If you love this style, be sure to read our blog post on how we can help you get started designing your dream home today!

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