The Floating Shower Bench Ideas To Relax Your Shower Time

The presence of the floating shower bench is an innovation in the concept of bathroom space arrangement. Now you can also enjoy relaxation in the shower room. Regardless of the function, this feature also provides additional aesthetic value inside your private room.

However, as this is a relatively new concept, many people may not know it well. Others consider that installing a floating shower bench brackets on a walk-in shower is considered wasting time, space, and money.

However, you might be surprised to see how useful this feature is in the bathroom. In addition to having high functional value, there are many designs to choose from to enhance your bathroom. You can choose a floating corner shower bench, a portable one, or the other model according to taste.

The designs are also very adjustable with the current architectural concepts applied. Before you decide to install it at home or not, it helps you review the various sundries about this bench.

What is the Floating Shower Bench?

luxury bathroom with teak furniture

A shower bench is a seating feature provided in the walk-in shower. The small room that previously only contained water spray and soap dish is now equipped with a seat that enables users more relaxed when enjoying the warm water.

This bench is a mounted-wall design of the seat in a bathroom, which makes a floating look. This feature is easy to install and enables you to choose the best material to stay comfortable during use.

Why Should We Use a Floating Shower Bench?

corner floating shower bench

This feature inspired by the popularity of the bathtub and shower combination. While soaking, users can enjoy relaxation under the running warm water. However, it cannot always be applied because of various reasons:

  • not all bathrooms have bathtubs;
  • the bathtub installation requires more space;
  • the use of a bathtub is less flexible for some people, such as elderly people;
  • a bathtub is not suitable for busy people; and
  • cleaning the bathtub requires effort.

For these reasons, most people prefer to use a walk-in shower. Initially, this room had a simple design. Nevertheless, for several reasons, people do innovations to make users comfortable inside. The following are the benefits of using this bench:

  • it enables you to have a more relaxed time more during the shower. You can sit while enjoying the running warm water;
  • this bench helps people who cannot stand too long, such as the elderly or the sick;
  • you have the possibility of doing other activities, such as shaving legs;
  • some people also use it as a place to put toiletries;
  • it can give artistic value to the bathroom; and
  • this bench can be easily installed and dismantled as needed.

You get many other fun things when using this bench. No wonder this feature is increasingly popular among people. If you are interested in it, you should read to the rest of the discussion below.

The Best Material for the Floating Shower Bench Brackets

Putting this bench in the bathroom makes it deals directly with water and humid conditions. Therefore, for the sake of durability, it must be made of best-supporting materials. The following are some recommendations.

Floating Teak Shower Bench

teak floating shower bench with wooden teak bathroom floor

Wood may not be waterproof. However, many people choose the floating teak shower bench as an option. Not without reason, any wooden material is the lightest and easiest to assemble or disassemble. Besides, this material also has high artistic value.

The teak is a type of wood with high resistance compared to other materials. People believe that it can last longer. Typically, manufacturers have also coated it with special materials to maintain durability.

Bamboo Floating Shower Bench

floating shower bench doubled as sink top table

Like the floating teak shower bench, bamboo-based furniture can also be a choice. This wood-based material is also known to have a strong resistance to everything related to water and nature. It can last a long time even without artificial coatings.

The use of bamboo itself also has extraordinary artistic value because it looks classic and traditional. This material might be suitable for you who apply the rustic or mid-century style in the bathroom.

Another benefit of using bamboo is that it is easily available but at an affordable price. Its maintenance is not difficult because the material is not easily attacked by fungus and cannot stand with heat. One more thing, it is so easy to be processed into furniture.

steam shower transitional bathroom frameless with marble top floating shower bench

Another highly recommended material for the floating shower bench is glass, which is originated from quartz. As we know, this one material is quite popular in bathroom construction.

The durability of glasses material is well known so that it has been used for many purposes. The price is usually quite affordable according to quality. The following are the properties of glass materials:

  • it has a solid form,
  • the glass is a strong and translucent material,
  • heat resistant,
  • it is easy to form if heated,
  • does not absorb water, and
  • it is an insulator (does not conduct electricity).

For the floating shower bench, of course, you must use a special kind of glass that is designed with a certain thickness. You do not need to worry about where to look for it because this material is already widely available in building materials stores.

Tile Floating Shower Bench

floating shower bench with tile finished

This material is popular in spatial arrangements. Generally, this material is used as a bathroom floor and kitchen backsplash. The quality is indeed no doubt so that many people have trusted it for hundreds of years for parts of buildings that require waterproof spots.

The use of tile is also a choice because of its attractive appearance with a variety of motifs and sizes. Therefore, it makes a major contribution to the artistic side of your bathroom. You can also be more flexible in adjusting the architecture style.

Some advantages of using tile include its waterproof and heat resistance. Thus, you do not need to worry that this material will be easily damaged. Moreover, maintenance is not difficult so that makes it more efficient.

However, tile materials are easily overgrown with moss when exposed to water. Therefore, in long-term use, this material will be more slippery than before. However, moss that grows is easy to clean just by wiping and drying.

The use of tiles for a floating shower bench is also very popular in many homes. Compared to other similar materials, it is quite affordable but with a no less beautiful design and motives.

Unfortunately, this floating shower bench must be done permanently. Because of its thin shape, this material must be affixed to cement construction. Thus, you should prepare funds for minor renovations and adjustments.

Floating Stone Shower Bench

simple floating shower bench

Natural stone is known to have extraordinary durability so that it is widely used for furniture. Apart from marble, a floating granite shower bench is also preferable because it does bring many benefits.

Granite is generally in the form of slabs so that it is easy to form into various kinds of furniture, including the floating shower bench. With almost the same specifications, this material is easier to obtain than marble.

Granite also has a hard texture, waterproof, and heat resistant properties. This material is suitable for various purposes that require heavy-duty materials. You can freely enjoy your time under the shower without concern about your floating shower bench is damaged.

The marble and granite are easy to be dirty because of the large pores. Therefore, they need special maintenance to keep the quality. Besides, the floating stone shower bench material is known to have a high price.

Those are some materials that have been used widely as the floating shower bench. Each of them has specific characteristics, along with the advantages and disadvantages. Now you can decide which is suitable for you.

The Floating Shower Bench Installation

A floating shower bench is a small but useful feature to complete your bathroom space arrangement. In case you have decided to install it into your property, you have also noted some instructions to make it perfect during construction. Here are some systematic steps to follow.

Designing the Floating Shower Bench Construction

modern minimalist cube floating shower bench

Before starting the installation, of course, you have to start with a plan. As the floating shower bench design is quite diverse, you need to determine which one suits you, as well as its position and how this feature installed.

After adjusting it to the room conditions, you need to consider the usage. If you need it intensely, then choose a heavy-duty and durable material. If all is well planned, then you can move to the next stage.

Preparing the Floating Shower Bench Items

floating shower bench hardware

You must have planned the concept and process of installing your floating shower bench. If you already have a picture, then it is time to start preparing everything. When buying a package of floating shower bench brackets, you may already get the equipment needed.

Starting the Floating Shower Bench Installation

simple small wooden floating shower bench

After that, all you have to do is follow the installation instructions according to the package. For the installation of a floating shower bench by elbows, you can usually do it yourself at home with a standard carpentry tool.

However, if it needs special treatment, then you should contact the expert. Unless you buy it online, the store also provides fixer services to the floating shower bench installation. Nevertheless, you can still choose whether to use it or not.

Do Not Forget Your Floating Shower Bench Detail

wood floating shower bench

The installation of a floating shower bench cannot be haphazard. Unless the design you choose is portable, you certainly need to pay attention to every detail of it. Make sure everything is perfect so that there is no risk of damage in the future.

Finishing and Enjoying Your Floating Shower Bench

full diy shower with a built in bench

After going through various installation processes, now a floating shower bench has been installed well in your bathroom. Start from now; enjoy a pleasant moment of rinse under the water. You can even add various decorations to make it more beautiful.

Whatever material and design you choose, do not forget to keep caring for it to be more lasting. You certainly do not want the benefits you get from this feature to disappear because of your negligence.

That is why caring for it properly is the point to make your floating shower bench remain durable. Do not forget to follow some useful tips that we will discuss in the next section.

How to Make Your Floating Shower Bench Long Lasting

small floating shower bench

Using a floating shower bench will give a new feel and sensation when bathing. It enables you to be more relaxed because of a special seat to use at any time. However, like other features in the bathroom, they also need your attention.

You have to carry out the continuous treatment to make sure it stays well. If not, the floating shower bench will break down quickly. The following are tips to make this furniture stay durable.

  • Be sure to clean it again after use, especially if your floating shower bench is a wood-based material. It is to avoid seepage and mold.
  • When washing, use mild soap with lukewarm water. Rinse thoroughly, and then wipe it dry.
  • Another alternative for washing is to spray a mixture of water with vinegar. Wipe the floating shower bench and then rinse with warm water. This method can help prevent mold.
  • If mold starts to appear on your floating shower bench, then use a mixture of baking soda and water to clean it.
  • Never use bleach-containing material because it can make the floating shower bench crack and break easily.

Behind the benefits, you still have to care about your floating shower bench properly. No need to do anything troublesome, the simple ways above will make your furniture more durable for years.

Now you have learned everything about installing a floating shower bench in your bathroom. You can also apply some steps, strategies, and tips presented above. Now it is time for you to decide, design, and install this feature into your private room.

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