bevel top and bottom edge gives you the feel of beauty

Granite Edge Options For Your Great Countertops

You have already had the design for your kitchen. You have a countertop in the centre. A good designer has developed the counter for you. And it will be a lovely countertop. You have decided that the top will be from a granite slab. But how about your granite edge options?

So you will have a granite countertop in your kitchen. From some patterns and the quality of the granite, you have picked up one. And then the designer asked you about the edge of the countertop, and offered you the possibilities of such edges.

There are at least two categories of granite edge options, namely the popular and the premium. We can have in general fully customised designs for granite edges even before one fabricates the countertops. Details of the countertop have effects on your entire cost, function, product look, feel and durability. You can make the countertop show your personality by deciding the specific edge for it.

A granite countertop edge options can be either sleek or rounded, simple or complex. Varieties of edges feature curved edges or sharp angles, and their combinations follow your wish. But the edges that you select do have impacts on the countertops cost. You surely wish to have a strong, durable, beautiful, and easy to clean countertop with the budget you have for it.

Bevel Top And Bottom Edge Gives You The Feel Of Beauty

Bevel Top And Bottom Edge Gives You The Feel Of BeautySource

It makes the countertop have a solid look and feel, so that kitchen is where it is best for. The beautiful granite of the countertop will be more impressive with this edge.

Countertop Edge Profiles

Countertop Edge ProfilesSource

Demi Bullnose Edge

Demi Bullnose Edge


Any spills will run away from cabinets under. The edge is beautiful yet functional.

Granite Countertop Is Ready To Install

Granite Countertop Is Ready To InstallSource

Your kitchen with the countertop is ready to serve you with its luxurious looks and functionality. What you need to do then is maintain it appropriately. Its beauty lasts and tends to never be worn out by time.

The pattern and colour of the granite surface looks so much like a painting, hiding the mystery of geological works of nature. But now they are before your eyes each time you prepare your dishes. The combination of preparing meals and the making of the granite under the layers of earth in millions of years amazes surely any soul.

Granite Countertops With Sink

Granite Countertops With SinkSource

Half Bevel Edge

Half Bevel Edge


How To Edge A Granite Countertop

How To Edge A Granite CountertopSource

A granite slab has such a hard surface that it is hard to profile, grind and polish. Abrasive tools for making edges to the slab have to be of high quality. The right quality tools and right techniques will allow us to create any edge for the slab, with professional finish.

For example, if we want to have a bullnose edge for the slab, we will need a bullnose diamond profile wheel, a lower speed grinder, respirator, gloves, apron, clamps, goggles or better face shields, cloth for rags and rinsing water, as well as diamond polishing pads.

For the safety purposes, the safety glasses have to be put on, we have to wear a protective mask against dust, protective gloves have to be put on, we have to comply with the checklist that becomes work safety rules.

We use a profile wheel for making a bullnose profile on our granite countertop. Here are the steps to take.

  1. We need to put the granite slab on the work table and clamp it appropriately.
  2. And then, we have to put on gloves, safety glasses, aprons and respirator to not inhale granite dust, and protect your eyes, body parts and clothes.
  3. The bullnose profile wheel is then connected to the low speed grinder and polisher. Start the grinder at low speed.
  4. Hold the grinder flat and never turn it in an angle.
  5. Hands have to be steady to keep the grinder moving forward and backward.
  6. In the final stages, give the slab the finishing touch. And then scrub the platen clean with a cloth dampened with water. And your bullnose edge is done.

Most Popular Granite Countertop Edges

Most Popular Granite Countertop EdgesSource

One Inch Bevel Edge

One Inch Bevel Edge


The slope is longer. Its look is beautiful. The edge gives the impression that the slab is thinner. We will feel the soft sharpness impression of the edge.

Polishing Your Ground Edge Of Your Granite Countertops

Polishing Your Ground Edge Of Your Granite Countertops


When the edge is already ground, the slab is not yet ready to use as a countertop, because we need to polish it. For such an end, we need a set of 4’’ dry polishing pads, grinder with scrubbing speed option, clamps along with wood chips, plus support bearing mounts.

When all those tools are in hand, we are ready to go. First, look for good quality diamond polishing pads. The set has to be complete, doubled, from 50 to 3000 grits. Second, install the backing pads to the grinder. Third, clamp the slab firmly. Fourth, start polishing with grit 50 at low speed polisher. Fifth, polish from left to right. Sixth, move to polishing with grit 100. And gradually increase the grit for polishing the slab.

Popular Granite Countertop Edge Options

Popular Granite Countertop Edge OptionsSource

This category of granite countertop edge options includes at least ten basic shapes. Here they are.

Premium Granite Countertop Edge Options

Premium Granite Countertop Edge OptionsSource

Premium edges demand more sophisticated grinding work, it costs on average more than the popular edges. The sophistication does increase the luxury look of the countertop. Here we have premium granite countertop edge options for you.

It has an undeniable luxury look because it has a small 90 degree angle that extends down into a rounded edge. It contains some serious look to the countertop.

It has a small slope with a rounded bottom. It is a sleek variation of the standard ogee edge. The edge makes the edge look extended without taking more space. With a granite countertop, the edge is perfect.

It is sophisticated and has an S shaped curve. It looks classic and fits best for a traditional kitchen. The edge highlights the beauty of the granite.

We can find a crescent curve that runs into a 90 degree angle with a rounded bottom. The profile looks classic but modern at the same time. The profile completes the look of any countertop.

There is a 90 degree angle with a full, round bottom edge. It is great for countertops or bathroom vanities. The countertop will look full but interesting. The edge is a mixture of ogee edge and bullnose edge.

It has a small crescent curve with a unique dimension and subtlety. It looks like an ogee edge but with minimum curve.

It has the feature of multiple rounded edges. It looks cascading. The look of the countertop will be thick and elegant with this edge. Luxurious kitchen is the interior where such an edge will fit perfectly.

One is a combination of two rounded bullnose edges. The look reminds us about flowing water. The edge design keeps the cabinet dry, and the countertop looks great. It is practical yet stylish.

While it has a modern look, its profile is elegant, so that it is ideal for classical kitchens. It beautifies the whole kitchen and highlights the granite of the countertop.

It has a gentle sloping profile, but the bottom is rounded off. It is magnificent and completes the look of your countertop.

It has a lip which is curved and undercut. The edge profile does enhance the visual appeal of your counter and cabinets. Either traditional and modern designs work well with this edge.

It fades back at the bottom edge. Its aesthetic is sharp and suits contemporary designs.

It is a combination of ogee and cove edges. The edge gives accentuation to the beauty of the countertop. Traditional designs go very well with this edge.

It amplifies the aesthetic of the traditional ogee. It is sleek and graceful, with contemporary and traditional designs.

It offers great decorativeness and lavishness. Traditional kitchens work greatly with this edge.

It looks similar to the traditional bullnose, but its aesthetic is more brilliant. Simplicity is what we find in the design, but it is still stylish without being flashy.

It is unique and beautiful. We do not smooth and round the edge, but let the countertop give the impression that it is left in its natural state.

It reminds us about nautical world. Rustic designs go very well with this edge.

Quartz Countertop Edges

Quartz Countertop EdgesSource

The Combination Of An Edge And A Granite Slab In A Harmonious Kitchen Interior Design

The Combination Of An Edge And A Granite Slab In A Harmonious Kitchen Interior DesignSource

A countertops beauty cannot be but such a combination. The first grade granite slabs with premium edges will surely produce the real luxury for eyes and touch. But it is you who decide what kind of countertops that you love most.

The Full Bullnose Granite Edge Has A Rounded Shape

The Full Bullnose Granite Edge Has A Rounded ShapeSource

Traditional kitchens or bathrooms are where this edge goes the best. It looks classic with a particularly fluid look, and makes the countertop seem thinner. It is stylish. The profile is clearly more complicated than the above edges.

The Half Bullnose Edge Has A Slight Curve On The Countertop Upper Surface

The Half Bullnose Edge Has A Slight Curve On The Countertop Upper SurfaceSource

Water can run smoothly off the countertop over the edge without affecting cabinets below. The slab will look thicker with this edge. It is beautiful and yet functional, so that it is great to be a counterpoint. The impressive look of the granite slab will increase with this edge.

The edge makes the thickness of the countertop more visible. If you want to have some shape to the edge but dislike a rounded edge, this quarter bevel edge is what suits you. The edge adds subtle style to your countertop. It has a great look whatever is on the countertop on which we install it. A granite countertop is already good looking, and the quarter bevel edge completes the appearance. In addition, the edge is not complicated, but yet has a good look. It is simple and will not seem out-dated.

The Quarter Round Granite Edge Option

The Quarter Round Granite Edge OptionSource

The edge is best for kitchens and bathrooms countertops. The countertops visual thickness may look reduced because of the slight curve of the edge. Both traditional and modern countertop designs go very well with this edge: the simplicity contains yet stylishness. The edge is a little bit more rounded than the straight one, but it makes the countertop lose its squared look.

The Round Top And Bottom Edge Slight Curves On The Countertops Upper And Lower Sides

The Round Top And Bottom Edge Slight Curves On The Countertops Upper And Lower SidesSource

It has more shapes than the other first edges, and thus looks subtle. Such a character matches very well with traditional designs. It looks geometrically smooth and touch friendly, but we cannot lose the feel of simplicity of the shape.

The Straight Edge Is Suitable For A Modern And Clean Look Kitchen

The Straight Edge Is Suitable For A Modern And Clean Look KitchenSource

If you have other furniture items which have premium granite edges on its top, the straight edge is good to be put as a counterpoint. The straight edge looks beautiful either on thick or thin slabs. The sleek lines of the edge blend in harmoniously with the room, and do not stand out. In the finishing, we round the edges slightly so that we can minimise the damage for the countertop or prevent injuries to people. The edge has the character of timelessness, so that the countertop cannot look obsolete for years to come.

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