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Blue And Pink Laundry Room Paint Colors

Blue And Pink Laundry Room Paint ColorsSource

The effect of how the paint looks also depends on the lighting in the room. Colors would come off differently. First example is during the day in natural light that comes through the window. That wouldn’t be the same as when it’s at night when it’s under artificial lights. Lighting temperature will actually show off distinct color undertones.

It’s not the best decision to choose paint colors that will make you happy at certain times. How do we know if we like the look before deciding to really put it into the room? The answer is to test it! Before the painting process begins, you can have samples and put it on the object you want to paint on.

By doing this, you will be able to see various lightings on the whole day and will pull out the colors. Make sure you are happy with the results and that will guarantee the satisfaction when it is finally painted.

Bright Color Wall Paint Decor For Laundry Room

Bright Color Wall Paint Decor For Laundry Room


It’s not a secret that the accent on the wall can change a basic laundry space into a beautiful room. It can also be a cozy room to do that laborious chore. We have categorized some selections of colors, and from those selections, you can choose a color that stands out. That’s including the neutral colors combinations. An accent wall with colors that blend well with surround. Cheerful tones will brighten up the laundry room and be more beautiful by hanging art pieces on the wall. On the other side, darker shades of gray or black can add a cozy atmosphere to your washing room.

Regardless of your mood and personalities, it is also important to consider the style of your house. You have to see if your choice of your laundry room color goes well with your house in general. Lastly, a touch of art can add more value to the laundry room.

Calm And Simple Laundry Room Design

Calm And Simple Laundry Room DesignSource

Now that you have tips to select your ideal paint colors, you may start to wonder what color to start. You may be not sure which one to choose from the endless possibilities from the color range has to offer. Narrowing down your choices, creative people have shared and categorized colors, including for the laundry room. The categories vary. You can choose one or mix some of the ideas together to make a laundry room you need.

Color wheels will help to guide you finding ideas to get the best laundry room paint colors. You wouldn’t believe how you could work out how colors stand out and accompany each other with coherency by yourself. By using these tips, you will be able to physically see and learn the work of colors with each other. There are so many color ideas you can find that you may not consider before. You don’t have to be an expert in color theory to choose a paint color that suits you.

  • Neutral Is Neutral, Go for It When You Are in Doubt

Not everyone will be happy with bright colors. For some, it might be overwhelming to be inside a vibrant room. If it makes you more comfortable or even meditative, there is nothing wrong to stick with neutral colors. Going with more laid back and classic colors will be more pleasant. Soft backgrounds are ideal for enhancing other things in your laundry space that you want to put your focus on. You can go with whites, creams, beiges, and grays to stay neutral. By choosing neutral colors, you can be sure that your paint color will never go out of style.

  • Finish It with the Right Sheen

When planning on a paint job, most of the time people forget this aspect. They usually put most of the effort to choose the obvious importance: the color. Sheen is also a necessary part of a paint job. Different finishes have a great impact on how the final result of the paint will look. Certain finishes match best for specific areas of a house.

The least sheen produces flat, matte, or eggshell finishes and they don’t clean well. Those types of finishes are better for rooms or areas of the house that have less traffic going on. That can be the living room and bedroom. Meanwhile, satin, semi-gloss, and gloss finishes are more shiny and are best for highly trafficked areas in the house. They are the bathroom, kitchen, and of course for the laundry room.

Laundry Room Industrial Decoration

Laundry Room Industrial DecorationSource

Laundry is not one of those things that we always look forward to doing. However, we realise how important it is to our routines. Sometimes we don’t even really put effort to think about the room. Though we will be spending our few hours washing and folding clothes. There are always ways to make this ‘not so pleasant’ chore to be more enjoyable.

One of them is by making the space for the washing activity beautiful and well-fitted you. One element that gives a big role for that is laundry room paint color. It is important to put the right color that you will not get tired of. Even if you don’t actually enjoy the task, at least you are comfortable being in the room. The entire chore will feel lighter and certainly it will improve the experience.

Choosing color for your laundry room can be a little bit fun. You can have an experiment and put on a contrasting color. You may not want to put it in other rooms, then you can put it in the laundry room. You may want a blue calm color for your bedroom and red delicious for your kitchen or dining room. Now, in what room will you want to put green or gray color?

There are few steps to create a stunning, comfy, and enjoyable laundry room of your own version. Because it’s your laundry room, you are the one who gets to decide how it looks. That is including what kind of atmosphere it has and how large it is. Here are some guidance to level up your laundry area with paint colors.

Several Color Choices For You

Several Color Choices For YouSource

Before we jump to the colors, we need to know how to create your own energetic and dazzling laundry room. Here is a few tips to select paint colors:

Small Laundry Room Design

Small Laundry Room DesignSource

Lots of houses have only small spaces for the laundry area. Choose the right colors to make an illusion for your laundry space to look larger. It is the other best idea to touch up the room. These color selections below not only make your laundry room more spacious. As a bonus, in a well-lit room, these colors bounce back the light around. The room will become brighter and it helps us see stains better. To create these looks, you will need only very few cans of paint!

Pale aqua and white is the first combination of these selections for a gently calming laundry room. The cool blue color retreats and it makes the room look larger. Meanwhile, the white color greatly reflects lights around the room. Before adding the light color, start with the white for your walls or cabinets. You can also add furniture and decoration that have similar colors.

The second combination is mint green and white. The mint green creates a serene feel. You can put it on the wall and then put the white for the cabinets and floor. This will help the white do its job to bounce back the lights. Adding some woven baskets and plants can warm the space and also add texture to it.

Finally, the last combination, you can choose beige for the light color and then of course, combine it with white. Beige also gives a warm touch to your laundry room. For other options, you can also pick other warm colors in lighter shades, such as yellow, orange, red, and brown. Those colors will still reflect lights effectively by visually expanding the room. Plus, you can also experiment with multicolor floor tile if you like.


Gray is that color that is classic and timeless. It is also considered modern and edgy. This makes color gray an essential color for modern laundry room paint colors. Who would not agree that gray suits every mood, every room, and every setting? In this selection, we mix gray and other colors to create the dream of a laundry room.

Pale gray is a nice choice to help your small area look larger than it actually is. Besides, it is also relaxing. If your laundry room has a tough brick wall, this gray color can lighten it up. On the other side, the white color gives a clean contrast and brings all the colors together. This combination is also well-fitted for you who have industrial themes for your house, especially your laundry area. You can get an organic element as well as a cozy vibe in your small space. One example is by adding wood shelves and putting the light color on the wall.

We have been combining two colors. Now let’s add one more color. Yellow! Yellow gives a cheerful touch against the cool gray and white. For the other two neutral colors, you can choose numerous options for different color shades in the furniture and accessories.

You can select blue to add to the gray and white combination. Blue is known to give a comfy or homey atmosphere. This gives balance to the gray that gives a cool touch to the laundry room. The combination between blue and white itself already creates a meditative vibe. For an additional touch to the area, you can put different elements of furniture or decoration. Another woven basket or a little accessory on top of the counter will do the job.

All the combinations above involve neutral and light colors. They basically help the room become visually larger than it is and also let it feel lighter. However, if you want to put bold color, put it in a smaller degree compared to the light colors. For example, a bold brown clock in the laundry room that is dominated by colors of white, gray, and blue.

After all the light colors and white combinations, you can always go with the neutrals combination. Just like the previous tips, neutrals can always be an option and you can’t go wrong with them. Unlike other colors that can get out of date from time to time. There are some colors that seem never to be outdated. In this selection, we combine two timeless and classic colors that are contrast to each other: black and white.

Black brings a dramatic and bold statement to the laundry room. You can use black as an accent. Black has strong contrast, character, and is also versatile. Meanwhile, white balance back out with a clean and chic vibe. Besides doing its job of bringing a lot of light and spacious feel, white works beautifully with black.

Yellow Laundry Room Paint Colors

Yellow Laundry Room Paint ColorsSource

The inspiration can come from any element in the room, such as the surrounding furniture or its decoration. You may be inspired by the color of the washing machine. Piece of art that you will hang on the wall can also inspire you. It can also be the curtain or blind on your window.

In the making of your dream washday, there are some important decisions. The color that you choose for your laundry room is one of them. No doubt, you want to make it not only to look stylish, but also you want it to suit your personality and taste. It can be hard to keep up with the latest trends. Your choice of colors may not be in the list of top laundry room paint colors but the next tips will help you to determine which colors match you the best.

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