Indeed We Have Beautiful Makeup Vanity Ideas

About The Price

About The Price


Below the first photo we find the price of the table “$ 169”. The price does not seem too expensive for an average western woman. Maybe the combination of IKEA-ness and the highly affordable price are what make the table sell best.

The review indicates that the vanity is sleek, so that suits “a modern girl living in a chic world”. The table is said to have “clean lines and simple design” that makes the modern girl feel always ready to “strut down the runway”.

The chair, the mirror, and the lamp that lacks the table can be provided also by IKEA, namely GODMORGON Mirror, LEDSJÖ LED wall lamp,TOBIAS Chair. So MALM can stay in a company with GODMORGEN, LEDSJÖ LED and TOBIAS in your room. IKEA’s thoughts on furniture is somehow a sort of anthropomorphism of furniture: they lead us to imagine that those pieces are humanised due to their having names.

The review is short and detailed. It outlines the reasons why the buyer is to love the vanity. The table can be a vanity or a desk. The drawer is large and wide, with smooth running because of a pull-out stopp, makeup utensils, jewelry, may, keys may fit in it. The table’s glass top is durable, easy to wipe and clean, stains are impossible to be on it. The style is modern and sleek so it is timeless and can go with anything.

What is interesting is that the encounter of modern style and timeless-ness takes place in the table. And such a timelessness makes the table capable of going with anything. Such a combination of notions in the design and real material existence of the table is beautiful: affordability, versatility, modernity, timelessness.

Brimnes Dressing Table Of Makeup Vanity Ideas From Ikea

Brimnes Dressing Table Of Makeup Vanity Ideas From IkeaSource

BRIMNES Dressing table is at the bottom of the list, with least cost namely $99. This vanity is small and for not much makeup, and needs no much space. But it is still totally functional for a minimalist makeup routine. And it is a good study desk, with the top which can pop open under which spacious storage is. On the left we still have a drawer for additional storage. A mirror is at the back side of the lid. Sure, it cannot be a statement piece, due to its incapacity of becoming a focal point. The downside of this vanity is accidental: a piece of this vanity missed upon delivery.

Hemnes Dressing Table Vanity From Ikea

Hemnes Dressing Table Vanity From IkeaSource

The second vanity is a HEMNES Dressing table with mirror. Hemnes is a city in Norway. The table is on sale with a mirror on it. The photo is taken from a display room of IKEA: price tags are on the items. And it costs $ 249, thus $80 more expensive than the MALM vanity table.

HEMNES table is said to have a “romantic style”, and is for “any girly-girl”. Feeling like “a total princess” is the effect the girl will encounter there “between the oval mirror and the soft lines”. The vanity can be completed with recommended choices such as “INGOLF Stool and INGOLF Chair”. INGOLF is the wolf god: the vanity may means “the wolf god is in Hemnes.”

The second photo seems also odd. There are makeup tools on the table and in the drawer, but the perfect cleanliness of the table and chair makes us feel that nobody has yet used the vanity. We do not see any girly-girl there. We have to imagine her feeling like a princess before the mirror.

HEMNES will be a vanity the girly-girl loves because it is a vanity or a desk, has a mirror and amples storage, its silhouette is traditional and romantic, its glass top is durable. The last reason is more esthetic than technique: HEMNES dressing table is so powerful to be a statement piece, namely to become “a focal point”. In other words, the vanity with its rounded mirror is so likely to be the point where anyone will focus when glancing over the room. Such a focal point is there due to the fact that the vanity has a round shape mirror and anyone loves to see himself in the mirror: the focus point of any human mind is his own self reflected on the mirror.

Hemnes Dressing Tables Another Type Of Vanity From Ikea

Hemnes Dressing Tables Another Type Of Vanity From IkeaSource

Another type of HEMNES dressing tables is the one which costs $ 199 each. It is “dark like your smokey eye shadow”. The mirror is bold and round, and will surely become a statement piece. We simply need a stool or chair to make it complete, IKEA provides practical solutions: INGOLF stool or NILS stool.

It contains the common versatility, ample surface space of glass top, and the “can go with any home decor”. But it has a minus side: “the drawers didn’t line up with the runners, so they removed them”.

How To Have Your Makeup Vanity Ideas In Your Home

How To Have Your Makeup Vanity Ideas In Your HomeSource

If you currently have no vanity in your home, and you wish to have one, as an ethically normal person you have at least three ways for obtaining it: purchasing it, asking others to give their vanity to you, making it yourselves. Stealing or robbing are unethical, for sure. Asking for such a thing to others is not against good morals, but uncommon and a little bit weird. Making it in a DIY project is a good idea. But buying it somewhere is the simplest way, if money is just there to serve our wish. The more money you have, the bigger is the chance you have to get your dreams of vanity.

If you are already with your vanity that you love, the problem becomes inexistent. But if the contrary is the case, your journey to the moment you sit before your own vanity is to start. And money is the most effectively helpful thing to make it true. All means necessary for bringing home your dreamed vanity, money can buy them. This quest is theoretically no more problem with sufficient money in your hand.

Another kind of course needs to be followed if you have decided not to purchase it, but build it your own. But it is not a very girly thing to act in carpentry producing the vanity. What are there to be thought of are how to make a stool, a table with drawers, a framed mirror. All those techniques and materials needed for building the vanity are there on the internet in the forms of videos, instructions with photos, etc.

Indeed We Have Beautiful Makeup Vanity Ideas

Indeed We Have Beautiful Makeup Vanity IdeasSource

What can one think of Vanity?

We have the things that one calls vanities: the kind of furniture comprising a table, a chair or stool and a relatively big mirror, we used them for having a visual control over our face makeup. But the word “vanity” means etymologically “emptiness”. Meanwhile, the word, the name and the thing the name refers to are three distinct matters.

We surely cannot agree that what we do before our vanity is empty. But it is undeniable that vanity is another word for emptiness. What we do thus not know for sure, is why the word for emptiness is used for naming certain furniture sets.

What makes a vanity differ from any other table set is the presence of a bust-size mirror on the table. When the light is appropriate and the mirror clear, we can see clearly our reflection on it, namely our look: head and shoulders. But the core business before a vanity is assuring our face under control, i.e. it has the look that we want them to have. The chair is where we sit, avoiding the inconvenience of standing still long there. On the table and in the drawers we store our tools and materials for our face’s makeup.

It is curious why our activity of controlling the look on our face is called makeup. Can we say that before the making up, our look is somehow down: it is in a state that we do not want? We have the same face more or less in normal courses of time: it looks like what is variable. So the activity before the vanity is to correct any unwanted look of ours.

Malm Dressing Table Of Vanity From Ikea

Malm Dressing Table Of Vanity From IkeaSource

The MALM dressing table is the first vanity which we see on the page. The furniture does not include a stool and a mirror. Any chair suited to the table is good to go. But if you simply want to have some visual harmony between the table and the stool, another course of buying a stool is there awaiting you. The case is similar with the mirror. Sure, IKEA has anticipated your demands by producing stools and mirrost that may fit MALM. Malm is a Swedish word for ore. It begins to be interesting to ask why the table is called “ore”. Is it because of its imminent elementary look and functions? Have your own guesses.

In the first photo, we witness a chair of the same color scheme and of the same type of simplicity as the table. The base edges of the mirror are also seen over the table, hanging on the wall. This photo seems to be taken in the display room of an IKEA store. The next photo features the same type of table with dressing and makeup tools on, but with another kind of chair with a pink back cushion on it and bulbs-around lighted mirror. And we may highly be tempted to think that the table is installed not in a store display, but in a real home room: a pair of woman shoes on the rugged floor, a gown and a handbag hanging on the wall opposite to the table. But the wall next to the table is curious, it lacks the naturality of a home dressing room.

The Downside Part Of Hemnes Malm Dressing Table

The Downside Part Of Hemnes Malm Dressing Table


We have also downsides of the vanity: it is not easy to assemble, and the drawer needs to be lifted slightly to open. Such bad sides do not ruin the excellence of the vanity anyway. The modest price with such a look is not bad. And it is IKEA furniture.

The Downside Part Of Malm Dressing Table

The Downside Part Of Malm Dressing TableSource

The review contains only a downside of MALM: lack of sturdiness, the drawer broke after a couple of years. A consumer named Jackie praises the look of the table in the second year of her having it. She thinks that the table is “very simple and classic and looks exactly how it’s pictured”. The glass on top is what makes her admire the table. “Lightweight-ness and the ease to move” of the table makes redecorating or moving really practical. The drawer is the only thing she “had an issue with”. But the conclusion is still favorable to the table: “you’ll love this piece!”

The Need Of Makeup Vanity Ideas

The Need Of Makeup Vanity IdeasSource

Those people who need makeup have the necessity to conform their look to the acceptable norms where the face is to be presented. We see that our uncontrolled look is the result of our body’s unconscious state of sleep, or of physical activities that make us undergo conditions that ruin it: working out, fighting, running, walking in extreme weather or events, etc.

Others are those professionals in theatrical or show productions: actors, news anchors, etc. The looks they are after are those required by the planned scenes. In such a case the one who is to appear in the show is normally assisted by makeup artists to have the wanted look. Your everyday TV news and shows are simply unimaginable without the involvement of vanity sets in the studios.

Vanity is about looks. But look is bound to ocular vision, namely human eyes. Eyes catch appropriately lighted looks. So vanity needs a good lighting system: appropriate brightness and angles to your face and the mirror, such that your normal eyes find your face in perfect clarity for the makeup. Apart from the furniture set, you will need an electrical system for the lighting for your vanity. So electricity is essential if your vanity does not have other sources of lighting.

Tyssedal Dressing Table Of Vanity From Ikea

Tyssedal Dressing Table Of Vanity From IkeaSource

For the third best rated IKEA vanities, we have TYSSEDAL Dressing table. It contains “something traditional and functional”. But unfortunately It does not come with a mirror. You may complete the vanity with TYSSEDAL Storage stool, INGOLF Stool, TYSSEDAL Table mirror.

It is of the same price as HEMNES above. Completed with a TYSSEDAL table mirror, the set costs $299. The mirror costs $ 50. This vanity has no downsides, and satisfies everyone: traditionalism and functionality really work. IKEA guarantees its versatility: it can be a vanity or desk. The ample surface, three large drawers support its great functionality. Timelessness is an essential additional feature of this vanity: can “go with any home decor”.

IKEA is a multinational business group. It was founded in Sweden. But today its headquarter is in the Netherlands. It’s business includes designing and selling ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances and home accessories, useful goods and also home services.
Furniture that IKEA sells is of the ready-to-assemble type. So if you decide to buy a vanity set from them, be prepared to assemble them the moment it comes to your door. You do not have to have furniture maker skill to assemble it. The instructions are provided within the box. Read the steps carefully, and the producer has done everything to assure that a normal consumer is ready to assemble his bought product once they understand the instructions.

A site presents a review on a number of IKEA vanity best sellers with amazing photos of them at Having read the review, some interesting matters come out. The makeup vanities it reviews are the five best selling and highly rated. The review does not provide you the numbers of the sales and how many buyers rated them highly and who they are.

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