Webinar - Driving Change

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Tuesday 14 September 2010 from 15:00 - 16:00 CET

Format: Webinar & moderated discussion

Participants: Those interested in using CR as a driver of change

Guest speaker: Sharon Jackson, Cranfield School of Management and Presenter of Driving Change for the CR Academy

Respondent: Stephen Gee, Senior Development Manager, CR Academy, Business in the Community

Introduction by John Swannick, executive director, EABIS


Key questions What does change mean? What are the drivers of change? How should corporate responsibility drive change in organisations? How do corporate responsibility practitioners influence that change? And what tools are available to help them?


Context This webinar will give a brief insight into the Driving Change curriculum currently being delivered by Business in the Community’s CR Academy in partnership with Cranfield School of Management. It is the precursor to a major event focusing on change at EABIS 2010 Colloquium.


Change and change management are terms frequently used and misused, often without any real understanding of what those terms mean or what they represent. However, many practitioners are beginning to see organisational change as a prerequisite for embedding and sustaining corporate responsibility. Driving Change focuses on helping those practitioners understand the change environment and their ability to help shape it. At one level it is about supporting the conditions for change and creating leadership, at another it’s about effective management and how best to harness the key change processes in organisations.  


To join the session, please email Shella van Puttenhttps://mail.eabis.org/owa/redir.aspx?C=abcc0afc3ce94897aa9008c3946022f9&URL=mailto%3ashella.vanputten%40eabis.org