An Artistic Pebble Floor For Your Shower

Pebbled floor shower is today in demand

Many shower and bathroom designers offer you its numerous designs that are indeed fascinating: they lead you to imagine your shower which is more harmless for its being less slippery, has a natural specifically non industrial geometry of shapes for your eyes, gives you a unique massage touch of pebbles under your feet.

Money is all you need to have your dreamed shower floor: professionals are there to provide you what you want, and you simply need to pay them for their service.

The moment they finish your shower you will have your own experiences with it: does the shower floor really make your dream of it come true? Do you really feel excited when seeing the floor every time you see them? Are you indeed satisfied with the massage effect of it on your feet anytime you shower yourself on it? It is less slippery, indeed that is the case, if compared to ceramic tiles or other materials.

Shower floor undergoes surely the effects of the showering activity: dirty body washing water runs over them, residues of washing agents and dirt more or less remain on it. The need for cleaning the floor emerges: if money is not a problem, we may pay someone to clean it. Or, we clean it ourselves, if we love to do so.

Pebbled floor is not indispensable from the chance of not lasting long. Imperfection in its installation makes it more prone to damages. Repairing them in the case of their grout coming out and pebbles coming off is a necessity if you really want to keep it good. Money can resolve such a problem: professionals are available.

A Pebble Shower Floor Can Be A Diy Matter

A Pebble Shower Floor Can Be A Diy Matter


Pebbles are the essential materials that you need to have. And such little stones, you can collect them yourselves. Riverbanks are the sites you can visit to pick your loved pebbles. Their shapes, colours, textures, it is you who decide the picks. You may do math for letting yourselves know how many pebbles and of what sizes are needed for the size of your dreamed shower’s floor. It is quite a satisfactory moment when you find yourselves have the sufficient amount of your lovely pebbles for installing your floor.

The next job is fixing the pebbles on the shower floor. Sure, you need to have considerable patience for doing it. But if the work finished perfectly, you might have a tremendous satisfaction in seeing it through minutiously.

A White Pebble Shower Floor Can Have

A White Pebble Shower Floor Can HaveSource

The opposite effect than the former shower can come by installing the white pebble floor. Such a floor makes us feel to step on a light ground and expect our lighter existence. But we will feel more the necessity for cleaning it, because the bright colour of the pebbles allow us to see dirt more clearly than in the case of a dark floor.

Black Pebble Floored Shower

Black Pebble Floored Shower


Wishing to have a solid look of your shower floor, the black pebble floor is a good choice. Such a floor is sure to make us less likely to perceive light dirty spots on it. How to install it is the problem of professional bathroom and shower specialists. The darker tone makes us feel like standing on a firmer ground, it is natural.

Certain Expertise May Be Needed For A Perfect Finishing

Certain Expertise May Be Needed For A Perfect FinishingSource

A floor for a shower needs to be absolutely insulated: not a single tiny hole on it is acceptable, so that no water may sip in through and damage the floor and the house. If it’s so, a shower pebbled floor is in fact not an easy floor to install. Such a requirement oblige us to call for an expert, then a DIY shower pebbled floor is absolutely a dream that does not have its reality, except for those who have the skill for doing so.

But if such perfection is something you can live with, you are simply perfect for fixing your pebbles on your shower floor.

Flat Pebble Shower Floor Are Available In The Market

Flat Pebble Shower Floor Are Available In The Market


Such pebbles are not DIY materials to make. Slicing rocks are not practical at home: the technology is surely too expensive to only get your shower floor pebbled. And it seems that such pebbles are sold only in the form of tiles. The dream of naturality is not to be made true with such tiles. The installation is similar to any type of pebble tiles.

Grout Is Necessarily Porous

Grout Is Necessarily PorousSource

It means that water will inevitably sip into it. As long as your shower floor is properly sloped to the drain, such a porosity is not an issue. But in this matter, such a slope is not acceptable. The grout where water runs stays darker than other areas of the floor. Dirty and splotchy look may appear there. And it is not comfortable to shower on such a floor.

Less Slippery Is Such Floor

Less Slippery Is Such Floor


Your feet will have a more solid footing when standing and walking barefoot on your pebbled floor, even in a wet environment created by your showering activities. Rubber slippers are less likely to slip on it as well. Such a condition gives less probability of falls which may lead to serious injuries. Being injured because of our shower floor is absolutely to be anticipated and prevented, and pebbled floor is among its solutions.

Looks Indeed Beautiful The Floor

Looks Indeed Beautiful The Floor


Beauty of a pebbles shower floor comes from its combination of its various colours of its differently shaped pebbles, fixed in with the right colour of grout. But you will witness the dreamed beauty of the floor when looking down as water flows over between the stones each time you take a shower. Such a scene is reminiscent of what we see on a natural river: we have a river in our shower, we may say so.

Not Demanding Considerable Money

Not Demanding Considerable Money


Even when the pebbles are to be bought, such floor’s installation would not cost a fortune: the tools for such a work is surely within your purchase capacity. Having working tools, pebbles, grout, thin-set and a sealer, you are ready to go.

Compared to the work needed for fixing pebbles on your shower floor, installing a tiled shower floor is much more complicated: you would need to have such tools as cutters and other items that makes it considerably more costly.

Pebbled Floor Has Less Longevity

Pebbled Floor Has Less LongevitySource

This type of floor, compared to others, is the one which lasts least. Your minutiae in cleaning it is not a guarantee of its long lasting: it prevents merely is premature damage. Why so? The sealer and grout for pebbled floor are probably of the same quality as for tiled one, but more exposed to water contacts due to their being an immensely more part of the floor surface. Water and shower substances do affect chemically and physically them.

The obvious consequence is that we badly need to do frequent repairs. The cost is considerably increasing for maintaining the floor in the long run. But if money is not an issue, such a consequence cannot ever be any: your satisfaction in the shower is much more valuable than money.

Pebbled Floor Tiles Are Among Solutions For Reducing Complexity

Pebbled Floor Tiles Are Among Solutions For Reducing ComplexitySource

In the case where you do not wish to fix one by one your pebbles on the floor, in the marketplace you may buy pebble tiles, namely 12-inch by 12-inch mesh sheets with pebbles glued to it. The installation is far less complicated, for it is more or less similar to the installation of any tiles: in addition it safes lots of effort too.

But such tiles come with one considerable down-side. They are indeed tiles, so that if the installation is just the same as the installation of any tile, they finally show their nature as tiles: seams among tiles. The seams are ruinous to your dream about a natural pebbled floor, for each time you see them, you just have to deal with the reality that they are tiles of pebbles, not pebbles naturally fixed on the floor.

But fortunately there is a simple solution for such an inconvenience. It is slightly a modification of the technique used for tiling a floor: lay the pebbled tiles such a way that there are two inches between them on all sides. The next step would be filling the gaps with individual pebbles pulled off the backings of other tiles.

These tiles are really for those who do not love DIY things in the perfect sense of DIY. You simply have to deal with the reality that the pebbles on your floor are prefabricated by the commercial industry so that the imagination of the naturality of your shower floor is surely maculated. Such a half-hearted DIY is simply ugly. If such an industrial feature is what you accept to have, it is much simpler and safer to make the amount of money sufficient for paying the professionals to make your shower done.

Pebbles Hold Certainly Moisture

Pebbles Hold Certainly MoistureSource

Authentic pebbles do not drain properly. When pebbles are raised, water is much likely to sit between them and does not go directly to the drain. Such a moisture problem may produce an optimum habitat for that grody pink mildew. Such a problem makes many tile manufacturers invent “flat” or “sliced” pebble tiles.

Sealer For Pebble Floor

Sealer For Pebble Floor


Sealer is a layer of liquid to be applied to a porous coat of tiles or grout. It is a means for protecting from damage factors such as oxidation, deterioration, both natural and due to use. Oxidation means stains, sealer is supposed to prevent the tiles and grout from having stains on them.

Two types of sealer are available in the market. They are specifically sealers of “penetrate” and “surface”. Penetrating sealers include siliconate, silicate, silane, also siloxane. The four minerals seep in and create a chemical layer that protects the concrete from moisture penetration and chemicals which deice. Surface sealers provide a protective layer attached to the grout or tile surface, while a pore-free and anti-stain seal. They enhance the natural radiance of color from the tile while adding a glossy effect.

Sealers for pebbled shower floors are a necessity to assure that the floor contains no pores that damage it. But the daily use of the shower makes it in almost continuous contacts with water and other substances used in body washing activities.

Such A Floor May Give Massage Like Touch On Our Feet

Such A Floor May Give Massage Like Touch On Our FeetSource

Sure, our pebbles on the floor are those with curved shapes and relatively smooth surfaces. They would provide your feet a massage service each time you take your shower. A long exhausting work day will surely be removed from your mind, when a comfortable feeling climbs up from your feet to your head, coupled with the freshness of showering water.

The Floor Requires More Complicated Maintenance

The Floor Requires More Complicated MaintenanceSource

Cleaning a tiled shower floor is relatively simpler than doing such for a pebbled one. We cannot clean a pebbled floor straightforwardly. Being more easily damaged, pebbled shower floors need a thoroughly careful cleaning.

Hard cleaning may cause the grout to come out, and surely a fresh coat of grout will be needed. For ensuring the longevity of your floor, we advise you to clean the floor dry after every shower.
If you are a naturally careful person, the floor is what you need for making your carefulness manifested. It seems lovely to clean every pebble of its unique shape and place in the constellation of your floor system. Minutious work surely brings satisfaction to a minutious mind. Such a cleaning activity is certainly a meditative work out for your mind.

Yes We Can Find He Downsides Of A Pebble Shower Floor

Yes We Can Find He Downsides Of A Pebble Shower FloorSource

By comparing it to other types of floor, such downsides show. But it is you to decide if such downsides are not problems for you. If the massage and non-slippery nature of such a floor is what you demand, the cons are then irrelevant.

You Will Need A Grout Excessively

You Will Need A Grout ExcessivelySource

In the installation of tiles, what people dislike is the grout. But no tiles can be installed without grout. And the problem with pebble floor is that it requires madly such a considerable grout, compared to ordinary tile installation. If you are okay with the grout’s presence on your floor, the pebbled floor is good for you.

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