7 Plywood Countertop Ideas For Your Practical Kitchen Table Upkeep

Beautiful Black Plywood Kitchen Countertop

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One of the finest countertop materials is plywood. Plywood countertops are also quite popular for several reasons. Plywood countertops cost quite reasonable. It requires easy installment too. They are soft, yet strong. Compared with stone materials, plywood countertops have less clatter when you set up a plate or a glass, and the dishes dropped are less likely to break.

With its natural patterns on its surface, a plywood kitchen countertop can bring a natural environment into your kitchen. Additionally, the plywood countertop has various wood types, choices, and textures. Needless to say, the colors are normally calm so it will give your cooking activities a warm atmosphere. The kitchen environment becomes more soothing and relaxing.

The colors for each option are often various too, for example for a birch plywood countertop, you can select light or dark colors. Besides, the plywood countertop edge has various styles. Thus, it has intricating designs and each profile offers a different style.

Clean And Neat Plywood Kitchen Countertop

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Quick measure to maintain your plywood countertop’s condition is simply to clean it regularly. If the surface comes into contact with liquid or moisture regularly, you need to clean it after every use or at least daily. Even when you are not cooking, wipe the surface with a damp cloth and a small amount of dish soap daily; follow with a clean damp cloth. This is important to prevent it from degrading and also stop the mold from developing.

Please just apply a specialized cleaning solution to clean the liquid stains on the surface of the plywood countertop, where possible. You can firstly conduct a check on a smaller spot to make sure the professional cleaning products will not damage your kitchen table. Only continue cleaning when you are confident it does not do any harm to it.

Please refrain from using heavy abrasive cleaning pads like those with copper bristles when you are cleaning the surface or treating the liquid stains. They can make scratches within the wood. For a plywood countertop, we suggest a gentle touch. So, we truly recommend using a cotton cloth or sponge.

More importantly, make sure you do not use too much water or acid cleaners for cleaning as it might cause damages instead. Please remember to always dry them well after using it as a cleanser.

Edge Grain Walnut Wood Island Countertop

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However, a plywood kitchen countertop requires some care and attention. You need to regularly prevent marks or stains from the liquids by drying and cleaning it immediately. You should also treat scratches by a sharp object if you do not want it to affect the spotless appearance. Plywood countertops can also expand and contract with changes in atmospheric moisture since they are made from wood.

Yet, what’s unique about a plywood countertop is whether it gets stains, scratches, or burns, you’ve got a way to cope!

How To Make Your Plywood Countertop

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When you are cooking, you use the kitchen table or countertop every time, starting from preparing ingredients as raw foods until you cook them. When you are plating or serving food, you still work on the kitchen table too. Thus, the countertop certainly will not be clean and spotless forever. Surely, you will frequently find stains, marks, scratches, or burns.

Here are some plywood countertop DIY tips for keeping your plywood countertop at best. These suggestions are important to follow to maintain your plywood kitchen table condition. It will help you to ensure it lasts longer as well as maintains its aesthetic look. So, it can keep bringing joy whenever you are cooking in the kitchen.

Tiny Beach House Plywood Ikea Hack Kitchen

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Since you do nearly all kitchen tasks on the countertop, the presence of a countertop or kitchen table becomes very important. The selection of the right countertop table is also very important. This is to maintain the comfort of your kitchen work. When you are feeling comfortable, your cooking experience will be more seamless and enjoyable. Furthermore, the correct choice of your countertop can also enhance your kitchen appearance and bring a better cooking ambience.

Unfinished Hevea Hampton Bay Butcher Block Countertops

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Stained plywood countertops often result when you store cold drinks or spills directly on the surface. Luckily, the water marks or stains do not always create lasting marks, although they are quite irritating.

One of the tips for cleaning and getting rid of these kinds of stains is to apply some non-gel toothpaste to the affected area. Then, you rub with a soft cloth until the stain dissolves. You can mix baking soda and toothpaste for stubborn stains. Then, wipe this mixture and dry it with a clean damp cloth.

Another easy way to treat a lightweight watermark is to expose it with heat. You need a simple electric iron and cloth. First, you cover the stain with the cloth. Then, you place the iron gently on it to give some heat. This way can help you get rid of small stains. Please remember to not do it roughly.

If the watermark is already present and difficult to remove, you can also clean it with lemon oil. Simply smear it on the watermark and then let it dry overnight if the stain remains. The next morning, wipe the excess grease off. Then, you will find the mark is gone.

  • Treat stains from more irritating liquids

As we prepare food, we expose the kitchen table with more kinds of liquid stain. Some examples of liquid that can stain and harm the surface are sauce, soy sauce, salt, vinegar, and oil. There is a possibility that those liquids ingredients may affect the coating and texture of your plywood countertop. Some liquids can also bring further damage, such as oil accumulation.

When you get liquid spills, immediately clean the spills off without waiting for a long time, as some substances might easily damage the surface. This is important to stop stains sinking deep into the countertop. When you clean it in minutes, you will stop the hassles and harder troubles later on.

After cleaning the spills, you can treat it further. One of the ways is to rub the surface with a lemon oil moistened cloth. Or, you can also rub the affected area with a damp cloth dipped in ammonia. You can also rub it on with some ashes with a small amount of silver polish or a wet cigarette. After that, do not forget to rub it with a clean cloth and wipe them dry.

  • Eliminate odors from liquids exposure

Some cooking ingredients have strong smells, like garlic, onion, or seafood. When you place it , or even cut it on the countertop, the smell might linger.

Some liquids, like alcohol from drinks, could dissolve the plywood kitchen countertop finishes. It will make the surface more vulnerable to liquids. Some liquids can then infiltrate the wood and cause chemical reactions that cause some certain smells.

With so many things happening on its surface, your plywood countertop surely can start developing some unwanted odors. You should address this issue immediately because it will decrease your cooking comfort.

To eliminate odors, you can sprinkle the affected area with a generous amount of table salt. Then, you rub it in with a quarter of lemon, squeezing juice on the countertop as you go. Let the mixture sit for a couple of minutes, then wipe it with a clean damp cloth.

  • Bid farewell to the scratches and scrapes

While it looks elegant and solid, the plywood kitchen countertop is still vulnerable to scrapes and scratches. Particularly, when you use the countertop as a base for cutting the foodsThis certainly impacts the countertop, usually causing scratches.

Luckily, you can easily refinish your plywood countertop. There are several ways to treat your plywood kitchen countertop from scratches and scrapes.

The simplest maintenance from scratches or nicks is to sand the area gently with sandpaper. You can also refresh the appearance of the timber by sanding the surfaces gently with a fine grit sandpaper. Alternatively, you can brush it with fine steel wool. You can do this minimally, for example once every few years.

If you need immediate treatment, touch-up sticks can quickly withstand scratches, too. These come in various colors and shades, and are available in paint shops. Please make sure you choose the grade of the product. Or, use natural finishes such as beeswax, pure tung oil, or walnut oil.

You can also hide scratches by rubbing them with a cotton swab dipped in iodine. You can dilute the iodine with denatured alcohol for other colors, such as maple and cherry tree. Then, rub it gently to darken the scratch. When you do it, rub it straight into the scratch, not the surrounding wood.

Since we use the kitchen table actively and cooking requires a high level of mobility, the kitchen countertop is more susceptible to dentures and other damage. It is common for us to strike objects which inflict dents on our countertop. You can cover your plywood countertop edge using edge-guards. Inconspicuous foam guards are available which can be added to the edges to serve as protection.

  • Protect the surface by waterproofing

The spilling of liquids is normal while cooking. It is also usual for the water to splash and wet the table after we wash the dishes or the food ingredients.

When your cooking activities regularly stain the countertop surface and you want to take preventive steps to protect its condition, waterproofing by painting or coating is one of the solutions. Painted plywood countertop can have better quality, preventing it from damage by water and moisture.

There are many types of waterproofing to protect the plywood kitchen countertop. Painted plywood countertop that has finishes with close pore result is great for waterproofing. You can also choose a natural transparent color and use a brush or spray tool to do the finishing.

The most popular form of waterproofing being sold in home improvement stores is the paint-on or spray-on form. These are typically liquid latex substances that are applied to the plywood surface while being wet. Once dry, they form a protective, plastic layer. Penetrating oils and sealers are a different form, and sheet plastics and membrane interlocking systems are also available.

  • Burnt stain treatment

When carrying out cooking activities, you might expose your kitchen countertop with hot objects, such as mistakenly putting a hot pan or kettle right from the stove. Unfortunately, plywood kitchen countertops are not fire resistant so you might accidentally leave burn marks when those things happen.

Luckily, you can address this issue and your burnt plywood countertop will be no more problem. You can get back its natural look with these simple and practical tips.

Our top plywood countertop idea to remove the burnt stain is use a soft filament towel. Put it on one end of a toothpick or stick then wipe on the burn marks with it several times. The hard textiles will strip the stubborn stains from wood so be careful not to damage the wood surface. Then, apply a thin layer of wax to the surface of the cleaned wood. Burn marks will soon fade and the wood surface returns to flawlessness.

You can also gently sand the blackened wood with a single-edge razor or utility knife. Make sure you do not do it too hard so you will not scratch it. Then, melt enough wax to fill the hole barely above the surface of the wood. Let the wax freshen up. Then wipe a razor blade off the excess. Using a brush by a fine-tipped artist to paint dark streaks to match the grain. Seal the patch with transparent polyurethane or a spray of acrylic varnish.

For painted or coated furniture, if you place a plate or glass on the surface, often it leaves white spots or blisters. One of the plywood countertop ideas solving this problem is to take a piece of cloth, then dip it into kerosene, perfume, alcohol or tea, then rub it gently on the wood. The stain will vanish. When the stain is more stubborn, mix the water with ammonia. Do it by putting a few drops of ammonia into warm water. Soak a rag into it then use it to rub the stain. Dry it with your fingertips and scrapped the wax layer on it.

Finally, you know that the plywood countertop needs care and a watchful eye to ensure it will last long. However, the care and attention needed is relatively easy to do. We hope the tips in this article benefit you!

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