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Advancing Global Health Decision-Making

In May 2011, EABIS, Rutgers University and Johnson & Johnson are launching a new global thought leadership initiative on health decision-making in the global context. The inaugural event will be hosted by Rutgers in New Jersey, US, on May 20-21, 2011.


Background and objectives

The aim of the EABIS-Rutgers-Johnson & Johnson initiative is to create an international platform for advancing the quality and impact of institutional decision-making. It will focus in particular on enhanced sharing, use and interpretation of data on global health challenges, as well as building capacity for coordination and collaboration across public, private, and civic sectors.


Throughout 2011 the programme will engage a select group of leaders – from business, government, academia and civil society – to generate a co-designed, forward-looking agenda for research and innovation that will inspire and inform business strategy, policy formulation, civic activity and education.


The outcomes of this innovative process will be presented at the EABIS Annual Colloquium, hosted by INSEAD in France (October 27-28). Following feedback and refinement, these frontier ideas will form the core of interdisciplinary grant proposals in 2012.

Possible outcomes

All actors in the domain of health and wellness acknowledge the scale of the global challenges ahead. We nevertheless believe that this new initiative will broaden and deepen international understanding of the critical drivers and barriers to:

  • Activate professionals across the public, private and civic sectors in data sharing for coordination and collaboration in promoting health and wellness;
  • Align business innovation with public policy health priorities and goals;    
  • Improve collaborative sense-making practices for addressing the multiple demands of health decision-making;
  • Design and deliver collaborative governance mechanisms to enhance the impact of health policy and investments in the global context;
  • Leverage new technologies and informational sources to accelerate decision implementation and adoption.

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