EU funding

NEW: EABIS is currently involved in EU Research Calls, under the European Commission’s 7th Research Framework Programme (FP7) and its Social Sciences Work Programme (WP 2013). More details and Institutional Expression of Interest - open to EABIS members, including from non-EU countries AND its international partners.


European Union funding programmes

The European Union initiates a wide variety of funding programmes. The main four are:

  • DG Research includes the Framework Programme 7 or FP7, which provides the structure and general rules for all DG Research funding. DG Research programmes include the Ideas and People programmes. Advanced grants are awarded through the European Research Council.
    You can find dedicated funding information on FP7-CORDIS.
  • DG Education is responsible for Life Long Learning and the Erasmus Mundus programmes.
  • DG Employment sometimes funds CR research through its PROGRESS programme, although it is less predictable than DG Research and DG Education.
  • DG Enterprise publishes a variety of calls, including opportunities for CR related proposals.

Useful links with information on individual programmes:


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