24 Toilet Paper Holder Ideas You Can Try At Home

Usually toilet paper holder ideas are considered to be a minor thing for your daily life. However, these accessories can be a big influence for your bathroom ambiance. So you need to pay attention to these accessories. Because your mood can fall apart when your toilet paper holder fails. Then it becomes bothering you and if your guests come over, it turns into an embarrassment.

Another thing you must acknowledge is that toilet paper holders provide a lot of benefits. A few examples are protecting your tissue from failing to the floor. They also help you organize your bathroom to be more neats.

So it would not be exaggerating to say that toilet paper holders are important accessories in the bathroom. Even though sometimes it’s being overlooked. Picking the right holder can add a certain unique style to your bathroom. But, you must know not all paper holders are equal. They have a different variety of appearance, mount types, and function.

Before you take a look at toilet paper holder ideas, you must know three main types of toilet paper holder. Here are the three main types of toilet paper holders.

Another Holder With Plenty Of Storage

Another Holder With Plenty Of StorageSource

Here is another holder with plenty of storage. It is a perfect thing for you, who don’t like to be disturb by running out of paper.

This extra storage toilet paper holder also has many advantages. First one is functionality in spare storage, and the second one is it looks. Just reflect a bit of modernity, farmhouse feel but still a nice choice to be a holder of ideas.

Bamboo Toilet Paper Holder

Bamboo Toilet Paper HolderSource

If you are an eco-friendly guy, then buying toilet paper holders that are made from bamboo is a great thing. This sustainable resource is a great choice for interior included toilet paper holders. The natural color palette is really nice to look at. We don’t need to worry because bamboo wouldn’t mold even against humidity.

Clean Toilet Paper Holder

Clean Toilet Paper HolderSource

Clean and minimalistic.Those are the word to describe this holder. Minimalistic looks combined with an easy to set up holder can never be wrong. Don’t forget about it’s easy to clean advantage. You’ll never regret putting it in your bathroom. Because toilet paper holders like these, are what you need when you’re a busy person.

Diy Toilet Paper Holder

Diy Toilet Paper HolderSource

Who says making toilet paper holders is hard? It is easy. You just need to take a simple cording, a dowel, and one screw, that’s it. Then you can have this beautiful and minimalistic type of holder. And don’t forget, toilet paper holder placement is a crucial aspect too. So try to put it in the right place.

Diy Toilet Paper Holder With Pipe

Diy Toilet Paper Holder With PipeSource

If you have unused pipe, just try turning it into something like this. Toilet paper holders like this are a perfect match for those who worry about pipe leaking ruining toilet paper under the vanity. Now you can solve those problems with these ideas. Other than that, this type of holder will make your bathroom look more industrial.

Floor Mounter Toilet Paper Holder

Floor Mounter Toilet Paper HolderSource

Have an interest in industrial design but didn’t want to drill holes in the walls or vanity? check this holder’s ideas. You can put it on the floor. These iron pipes can reflect the industrial aesthetic feel around your bathroom. The interesting visual of this holder can be a great thing for your bathroom.

Free Standing Toilet Holder Decor Ideas

Free Standing Toilet Holder Decor Ideas


Free standing toilet paper holder is another type of toilet paper holder. This holder can stand out in your bathroom. It is because you can try many different styles by changing the shape, finishes and place to put it. One of the big benefits for free standing holders is that you can put it anywhere. It doesn’t bother you to attach it to the wall. You can just put it on the floor or wherever you want as long as it is convenient and easy to reach. So you have total freedom and infinite creativity to change your bathroom style with this holder.

If your little girl needs a friend in the bathroom, try putting this kind of holder into it. It is Just a simple idea to make your little girls dont feel alone. Because putting it will be a fun way to make them more enjoyable in the bathroom. This interior also a perfect match for the girlish theme. Especially if your house already has that. This interior will ensure that your girl will be happy anywhere in the house, even in the bathroom

Minimalist Toilet Paper Holder

Minimalist Toilet Paper HolderSource

Keep everything simple, including your toilet paper holder. This holder’s ideas are suited with that spirit. This holder can be an accessory for your monochrome theme bathroom. And you don’t have to worry about your dark bathroom interior. This toilet paper holder can match perfectly with them.

Modern Style Toilet Paper Holder With Phone Shelf

Modern Style Toilet Paper Holder With Phone ShelfSource

Modern problems require modern solutions. So there it is, a nice toilet paper holder with a place to put the phone on it. Everyone who really loves their phone needs this holder. Because you will never regret the toilet paper holder with phone rack combination like this. Not only phones, you can put anything else above it like a key or wallet so you don’t have to worry about accidentally dropping them . Even something like scented candles can never go wrong on top of this shelf.

Natural Feel Accessories To Your Bathroom

Natural Feel Accessories To Your BathroomSource

This toilet paper holder is a perfect reminder to your diet. Beside that, you can maximize the look of your bathroom. It also provides a natural feel to your bathroom. Since everyone likes nature so much, you will make your guests happy too. So if you are really tired of seeing the same theme for toilet paper holders, just try this one.

Rattan Toilet Paper Holder

Rattan Toilet Paper Holder


Another inspiration for toilet holders is rattan or wicker. It will give you an impression of a natural-look bathroom. But you need special material of wicker or rattan, in other words, a high-quality material. Because they are really sensitive with water. Since water can penetrate into the cracks of the wicker and damage it. The main benefit of using a wicker is you can paint it. You can change the style and color of it anytime you want. Even when you change the color, the feel of nature will always be there.

Recessed Toilet Holder Design Ideas

Recessed Toilet Holder Design IdeasSource

A simple definition of recessed toilet paper holder is a paper holder that can hide paper. Functionally, this toilet paper holder design is useful for protecting the paper from being accidentally splashed by water. Another advantage is the visual benefit of getting a bathroom that looks minimalist (minimizes visible material elements). The reason is because paper is a minor material element in the interior of the toilet. If you agree to use a recessed toilet paper holder, make sure to make a small hole to install the holder in the bathroom.

Want to try fun and easy toilet paper holder ideas? Just grab a pulley or big pool, and some colorful string or rope. There you have it, another cute and fun thing to put in your bathroom. Lastly, don’t be surprised whenever you come to the bathroom and you can feel happiness around you because of this holder.

Another advantage of using this holder is you can adjust the height. The height can be adjusted with ease while at the same time ensuring simplicity and modern feel around it.

Simple Toilet Paper Holder

Simple Toilet Paper HolderSource

Small spaces can be a problem for bathroom interiors. So you must place everything very carefully when it is so small. You can use this toilet paper holder stand ideas for your small bathroom. And don’t worry about the look. Its modern, clean and minimalist feel can provide you with calmness.

Storage Paper Shelf Holder

Storage Paper Shelf Holder


Extra storage for paper spare is important. Because you will never let your guest embarrass over empty toilet paper. This dispenser has plenty of space for spare. And because of that, this holder will never let your guest be embarrassed again over empty toilet paper.

Let’s go back to nature! Another theme that is popular right now is nature. This idea comes under the form of a simple branch with perfect curves and angles to keep the roll. The advantage of using this holder is it can provide a welcoming feel of nature. Unique looks of toilet paper holder like these will make your bathroom look stunning,

Toilet Paper Holder Basket

Toilet Paper Holder Basket


Easy thing to impress guests, use unique toilet paper holders. You can do it now, by using a basket with a threaded wooden dowel. And then turn those materials into toilet paper holders.
And the great thing about this holder is it can serve both as a paper dispenser and paper holder at once.

Toilet Paper Holder Extender

Toilet Paper Holder Extender


Next idea is a toilet paper holder extender. The designs are simple. But, you can customize how it hangs based on your needs. You can try extending it vertically without any issue. This extender is the perfect interior to put in your bathroom.

Toilet Paper Holder With Cover

Toilet Paper Holder With CoverSource

The last idea is a toilet paper holder with cover. This holder provides a luxury and relaxing theme to your bathroom. The design is timeless so you don’t have to worry about replacing it in a couple of years.

Toilet Paper Holder With Smatll Cabinet

Toilet Paper Holder With Smatll CabinetSource

Practical and functional. Those spirits are reflected on freestanding modules like this. You can put it anywhere you want because it’s not fixed to a wall. And don’t worry, you have total freedom upon this holder. You can reposition it anywhere you want according to your own style. Besides all of that, this toilet paper holder cabinet offers extra storage. Not just for toilet paper, but also things like air fresheners.

Toilet Paper Holder With Storage For Books

Toilet Paper Holder With Storage For BooksSource

Feel bored but didn’t want to bring your phone to the bathroom? Check these holders. Because you can bring any reading materials to the bathroom. Now you’ll never feel bored again. Beside that, this holder is also suitable for the elder, since they can entertain them while in the bathroom.

Urban Industrial Toilet Holder

Urban Industrial Toilet HolderSource

Bored with minimalistic or modern themes? Just try an industrial theme for your bathroom. Toilet paper holders with shelves is one of the interiors that match with that theme. Just pick six standard pipes from the nearest store and any wooden shelf. Then you have an industrial style type of holder.

3. Minimalist Toilet Paper Holder

Vintage Thing To Put In Your Bathroom

Vintage Thing To Put In Your BathroomSource

Vintage looks are trending now. Everyone wants to put vintage interiors all over their house, including the bathroom. But have you ever been curious about what vintage thing to put in your bathroom? You can try to put this polaroid camera form of holder on your bathroom. This polaroid holder can give you a vintage aesthetic feel to your bathroom. So a polaroid holder can be a great idea. Even though it doesn’t really resemble the real one right?

Wall Mounted Toilet Paper Holder

Wall Mounted Toilet Paper HolderSource

Next holder’s idea is in the wall toilet paper holder. If you are looking for minimalism and simple design for your toilet paper holder, you’ll probably like these ideas. This holder can bring a contemporary style to your bathroom with this. Other than that, this holder also has a clean, and modern look that suits your white theme bathroom.

White Toilet Paper Holder With Pot On Top Of Shelf

White Toilet Paper Holder With Pot On Top Of ShelfSource

If you need toilet paper holders that serve a double purpose you can choose this. These roll dispensers have a double purpose, one as a phone holder and for decorative purposes. You can put a pot of plants in there and make your bathroom look fresh and beautiful. And of course you can put another thing like scented candles to decorate your bathroom.

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