ABIS’ governance model is designed to allow member participation at all stages of the decision making process. 

Coordination Office

Led by the Director General, the Coordination Office is responsible for all executive functions of ABIS and the co-ordination of its activities.

Management Board

Elected representatives from business and academic partners and members meet three to four times a year to make decisions on all matters relevant to the achievement of ABIS’ objectives, specifically the management of ABIS projects and the allocation of funding. Professor Lenssen is President and Chair of the Management Board. 

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Supervisory Board

The ABIS Supervisory Board is composed of senior figures from its Founding Partner and partner institutions, a number of external advisors, and the elected Academic and Business Network Chairs. Viscount Davignon is Chair of the Supervisory Board.

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General Assembly

One representative from each member participates in this annual assembly to decide on the overall objectives of the Academy.

Audit Committee

The appointed auditor is charged with oversight of financial reporting and disclosure working closely together with external auditors. The Audit Committee is also responsible for regulatory compliance and risk management.

Academic and Business Network Boards

Both the academic and business networks elect a Board of ten representatives to develop and coordinate their work and to share opinions. Each network then elects five from that number to sit on the ABIS Management Board, of whom one as Chair and two others as Vice Chairs.

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