Gilbert Lenssen


Director General

Simon Pickard


Executive Vice President (on secondment from Solvay)



Academic Director

Mollie Painter-Morland


Programmes Director

Joris-Johann Lenssen


Regional Director Asia

Sam Lee

Managing Director Americas

Ted Roosevelt Malloch


Managing Director Africa

Stefan Schepers


Regional Manager South America

Claudia Kipka


Associate Research Director

André Habisch


Associate Corporate Director

David Demetrius


Corporate Manager (part-time)

Marieke de Kort

[email protected]


Project Manager & Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Fabien Martinez


Projects Manager

Elena Urizar

[email protected]


Projects Assistant

Arantxa Vivanco


Communications Manager

Raquel Petra Lopes


Operations Coordinator

John Hager


Executive Office Coordinator

Ludwig Roger






Brussels: Av Moliere 128, 1050 Ixelles, Brussels  | +32 (0)2 539 37 02

New York: 200 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10166

Shanghai: 971 Dongfang Road, Qian Jiang Tower, Suite 14F, 200122  







The bios of the president and the directors can be found in the Media Corner.


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