How to join

ABIS offers membership to businesses, academic institutions, and international networks at different levels with different packages. Read more on membership benefits and Membership Application Guidelines


Corporate partnership


Corporate membership


Academic partnership

  • Academic instutitions can join ABIS as partner at €11,000 per year;
  • Additionally, academic partners are expected to commit time and resources to lead ABIS research projects. For more information please contact


Academic membership

  • Academic institutions can join ABIS as a member at €7,000 per year; 
  • To receive a short summary on academic membership, please email



  • ABIS has strategic partnerships with a number of international networks and thought leadership institutes that are active in the business in society field. 
  • To find out if there are mutual benefits for your organisation to become an affiliate of ABIS, please email Raquel Lopes,


Membership Commitment

ABIS encourages active membership to ensure that members maximise their benefits from the network. The level of involvement depends on a member's specific needs and on the areas they wish to contribute to. 

ABIS members need to nominate a representative to be present at the annual general assembly, also to act as first point of contact for ABIS.