ABIS Thought Leadership Round Table “Business /government interface: Beyond lobbying”

21 November 2013, Brussels. This is an invitation only event.

The ‘Beyond Lobbying’ report, based on interviews with public officials and corporate executives involved in the activity of lobbying, will serve as a starting point of the debate, supported by an analysis of EU-wide corporate / government relations developed with Profs. Nada Kakabadse and Andrew Kakabadse, together with Dr. Stefan Schepers (EPPA) and ABIS. 

The report will be distributed at the meeting to all participants.

What is unique about this new insight?   

The business/government interface is shifting.  The purpose of the study was to identify how to realise a greater level of governance innovation in corporate/government relations through partnering, transparency of practice and accountability, thus the title ‘Beyond Lobbying’.

The Lisbon treaty and the current global economic crisis have led to more dramatic shifts in management than ever before.  Radical new thinking, new methodologies and collaborative governance is needed.  A paradigm shift is required in order to align corporate strategy with the needs of the various stakeholders.

ABIS and its member companies will play a lead role in this activity, which will build competitive advantage for all those participating.

What is unique about this event?

This event, which is sponsored by EPPA (a corporate member of ABIS), enables corporate executives and academics conducting relevant research all to strengthen each other’s insight in the way that business and government should interface in the future. 

The format of the day will be a combination of keynote addresses and a moderated discussion involving all participants.  In advance of the meeting, ABIS will distribute a digest of relevant articles to all attendees.

As branded by ABIS, the results ensure deep insight, an embedded approach and the possibility to change towards a better performance of business in society.

Among the key speakers at the event will be:

  • Dr. Stefan Schepers, Director EPPA, Secretary General of the tripartite High Level Group on EU Innovation Policy Management
  • Prof. Andrew Kakabadse, Professor of International Management Development, Cranfield University, School of Management
  • Prof. Nada Kakabadse, Professor of Policy, Governance and Ethics at Henley Business School, University of Reading


Who should attend? 

Given the focus, we aim to target C-suites and senior experts within the companies in related fields, as well as people who are in a position to advise and/or support senior executives.  The event will not be limited to the CSR officers and Public Affairs Directors only.

In order to expand synergies, we invite all interested business members to bring 1 to 2 additional people from their own company or out of their value chain relations with interest in the topic.

ABIS academic members, expert in the field, will also be invited to participate and to contribute to the debate.

Timing and venue

11:00 am to 3:00 pm including light lunch at EPPA offices, Place du Luxembourg 2, 1050 Brussels


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