ABIS Thought Leadership Roundtable ‘Sustainability & Social Innovation’

9 December 2013, Brussels. This is an invitation only event.


The second ABIS TRT will draw on the overview of ABIS Special Issue "Strategic Innovation for Sustainability"* (from 2012 ABIS Colloquium hosted by IMD in Lausanne) and the just published handbook '"Social Innovation - Solutions for a Sustainable Future" * by Dr. Thomas Osburg, Director Europe Corporate Affairs, Intel Corp.

The special issue and handbook will be distributed at the meeting to all participants


What is unique about this new insight?

Social Innovation can be understood as a new cross-sectorial collaboration achieving business and societal benefits by using resources typically from the private sector, governments and NGO's to create innovations that solve societal issues within and outside the company. Social in this sense is understood as a focused direction of innovation, usually implying a normative approach that creates something positive for society, in terms of social, environmental and / or economic impacts. In order to achieve this, Social Innovation needs to be integrated into the innovation processes of the firm. Social Innovation is not CSR. While innovation has always been in the DNA of firms, it has not been an integral part of CSR. Ultimately, the responsibility of the company (for employees, environment, community, etc.) will stay and Social Innovation will add a new dimension in truly creating Shared Value - for society and the company alike. Social intrapreneurs - individuals within large corporations who take direct initiative for innovations which address social or environmental challenges profitably, often out-with their day-jobs, are one of the exciting ways that companies can foster more social innovation.


What is unique about this event?

This event, which is sponsored by Intel (a corporate member of ABIS), enables corporate executives and academics conducting relevant research all to strengthen each other's insights in the way that social innovation and social intrapreneurism can contribute to sustainability.

The format of the day will be a combination of short. keynote addresses and a moderated discussion involving all participants. In advance of the meeting, ABIS will distribute a digest of relevant articles to all attendees.


As branded by ABIS, the results ensure deep insight, an embedded approach and the possibility to change towards a better performance of business in society.

Among the key speakers at the event will be:

  • Dr. Thomas Osburg, Director Europe Corporate Affairs, Intel Corporation
  • Prof. David Grayson, Director of the Doughty Centre for Corporate Responsibility, Cranfield School of Management


Who should attend?

Given the focus, we aim to target C-suites, learning officers, heads of talent and new business development, strategy directors and senior experts within the companies in related fields and’ therefore, not limit the event to the Sustainability directors and CSR officers only.

In order to expand synergies, we invite all interested business members to bring 1 to 2 additional people from their own company or out of their value chain with interest in the topic.

ABIS academic members, expert in the field, will also be invited to participate and to contribute to the debate.


Timing and venue

11:00 am to 3:00 pm including light lunch at DIAMANT Conference & Business Centre - Bd. A Reyerslaan 80, B-1030 BRUSSELS.


For more information do not hesitate to contact Christiane Malcorps, Corporates Director (christiane.malcorps@abis-global.org ) or Mollie Painter, Academic Director (mollie.painter@abis-global.org ).


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