ABIS Thought Leadership Roundtables (TRT)

ABIS is launching a series of high level debates on cross-sectoral strategic issues, supported by C-suite speakers and international academic experts. The first TRT will be on the topics of Governance and Social Innovation, and will take place in Brussels, on 21 Nov and 9 Dec 2013, respectively.

Each event is sponsored by a corporate member of ABIS and therefore free for participants.

The central themes in 2013 will be: Governance and Social Innovation.

Given the focus, we aim to target C-suites and senior experts within the companies in related fields and therefore not limit the event to the CSR officers only.

In order to expand synergies, we invite all interested business members to bring 2 additional people from their own company or out of their value chain relations with interest in the topic.

We also invite ABIS academic members to express interest in the topic and describe their position in the debate. 10 to 15 of them will be selected on a 'first come, first served' basis and on their statement of interest in the debate.

Pre-reads, i.e., high quality digests introducing the topic, will be send out 1 month before the event to allow for preparation.

Upcoming Thought Leadership Roundtables:

  • Government Relations for the 21st Century – 21 November 2013, Brussels
    The ‘Beyond Lobbying’ report* will serve as a starting point of the debate; analysis of EU-wide corporate / government relations developed with Profs. Nada Kakabadse and Andrew Kakabadse, and Dr. Stefan Schepers (EPPA).

    Suggested audience:
    CSR officer, Public Affairs Director

  • Sustainability & Social Innovation – 9 December 2013, Brussels
    overview of ABIS Special Issue on Strategic Innovation for Sustainability* (from 2012 ABIS Colloquium hosted by IMD in Lausanne) and the just published handbook ‘“Social Innovation – Solutions for a Sustainable Future” * by Dr. Thomas Osburg, Director Europe Corporate Affairs, Intel Corp.

    Suggested Audience:
    CSR officer, Chief Learning Officer, Chief Change Manager




Please send an email to Raquel Lopes if you would like to feature here: 

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Sending a contribution is however no guarantee for inclusion in the Blackboard.

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