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Building Capacity for Sustainability through a UN Global Compact Learning Network

Despite the success of its first 10 years, the UN Global Compact remains for many of its signatory organisations a statement of intent. A commitment to achieve ambitious goals to varying degrees, by internal change processes at the strategic, operating, and/or cultural levels.


Background and objectives

It would be important, in fact, to build on the significant efforts produced over the years to develop insights from clinical case studies of GC companies. To establish the structures and processes necessary to develop a collective learning process capable to address the “learning gap”.

The learning gap refers to the difference between commitments made and the actual capacity to turn the aspirations into sustainable strategies, practices and mindsets.

Learning platform
Under this project proposal, the challenge is addressed by developing an “engaged learning platform” formed by a global network of research centers. To help GC companies develop the required capabilities to embed the 10 Principles in their organisations, a long-term action-learning intervention program is developed. 

Strategic approach
The core strategy to tackle the “learning gap” is firstly based on leveraging existing relationships among research centers and leading scholars to create the first global network of corporate responsibility/sustainability development (CR/SD) experts.

Secondly, this network will commit itself to the collection and analysis of data related to internal change initiatives implemented by GC signatories, and their social, environmental and economic impacts.